Customer Insights Begins With Me

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In the digital economy, where the new media is becoming increasingly fragmented and customers are being bombarded constantly by information, meeting their expectations has never been more complex. Now, customers are making decisions quicker, and many companies find themselves powerless in influencing such decisions. The prime reason is simple: the transparency of the web has changed the business game forever. Customers are empowered and dictate what they want, when and where they want it. Following Google’s philosopy, “focus on the customer and all else will follow” many organisations are becoming more customer-centric.
This programme will enable participants to embark on a journey of revisiting and co-designing customer-centric strategies in 1 day. 

Step 1 - Approach: Understand Customer Behaviour
Leveraging the power of data analytics, you can get closer to your  customers and understand their preferences and buying patterns.  First, you will identify and define a business problem that can be 
solved by using external and internal customer data. Following that,  you will learn and practise relevant data collection and analytical methods to solve those problems. Critical issues such as “when to  use what techniques”, and “which is the best tool” will be addressed. 

Step 2 - Create: Predict Customer Behaviour
Using historical data is a double-edged sword. Although we can learn  from the past, it will also hinders our creative thinking and progress. Arguably, historical data often fails in predicting customers’ future 
needs. Most customer breakthroughs originate from a unique ‘insight’  – the identification of an unmet need. To create a customer insight for tomorrow, we need to understand problems from a human 
perspective, and to find meaningful purpose behind innovation.  Guided by behavioural research, you will learn new ways to uncover insights behind what customers need and desire and practise relevant 
techniques in searching for novelty and usefulness of customer insights. 

Step 3 - Validate: Influence Customer Behaviour
There are huge economical and social implications if your customer insights are wrong. For the purpose  of validation and evaluation, examples and methods will be introduced to design and conduct Action Research in a simple way. You will see quick results of small-scale experiments and fine-tune your customer insights, to reduce business risks and uncertainties. 

Group Discussion and Presentation

Key Benefits
At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
• Leverage the power of Data Analytics, and understand customers’ preferences and buying patterns.
• Conduct user research and synthesize data from multiple sources in order to discover unmet needs and develop ideas.
• Use cost-effective small scale experiments to fine tune customer focus.


Who Should Attend
Professionals and managers who make strategic decisions on customer relationship management,
customer service and customer experience design.

Customer Insights Begins With Me
Dr Guo Lei


Dr Guo Lei is an active researcher and educator in behavioural research, data analytics, and service innovation, with international experience in delivering applied research and practice-based learning programmes with successful results. She has particular experience in tackling complex challenges through design thinking, business analytics and strategic communications. Dr Guo is also an accomplished author, having publications in both academic and professional domains.

She has worked with clients in sectors such as transport, public service, banking, retail, gaming, support services and infocomm. Previous clients include Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Singapore Public Transport Council, Singapore National Library Board, Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore, United Overseas Bank, Bank of China, China Agricultural Bank, Club 21, CapitaLand, Singapore Pools, UK BAE Systems, China Mobile, and Wuxi Municipal Government China.


10 Sep 2018
7 Jan 2019


1 Day
9.00am to 5.30pm


National University of Singapore
University Town


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International Participants

S$ 802.50

  • Incl. GST

Singapore Citizens
(39 yrs old or younger) 
or Singapore PRs

S$ 240.75

  • Incl. GST

Singapore Citizens
(40 yrs or older)

S$ 90.75

  • Incl. GST

Enchanced Training Support for SMEs

S$ 90.75

  • Incl. GST

Fees & Fundings


Singapore Citizen1
39 years old or younger
Singapore Citizen1
40 years or older2
Citizen1 Eligible
for WTS3
Singapore PRs 

Enhanced Training
Support for SMEs4
Full Programme FeeS$750.00S$750.00S$750.00S$750.00S$750.00S$750.00
SkillsFuture Funding-(S$525.00)(S$525.00)(S$525.00)(S$525.00)(S$525.00)
Nett Programme FeeS$750.00S$225.00S$225.00S$225.00S$225.00S$225.00
7% GST on Nett
Programme Fee
Total Nett Programme
Fee Payable, Incl. GST
Less Additional Funding if
Eligible Under Various Scheme
Total Nett Programme Fee, Incl. GST,
after additional funding from the various funding schemes
1 All self-sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the programme. Visit to select the programme.
2 Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy - Singaporeans aged 40 and above may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee.
3 Workfare Training Support (WTS) - Singaporeans aged 35 and above (13 years and above for persons With disabilities) and earn not more than S$2,000 per month, may enjoy subsidies up to 95% of the programme fee.
4 Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) - SME-sponsored employees (Singaporean Citizens and PRs) may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee. For more information, visit
5 Eligible organisations (excluding government entities) may apply for the absentee payroll funding via SkillsConnect at for Singaporean/permanent resident participants attending the programme during working hours. The absentee payroll funding is computed at 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50 per hour or $7.50 per hour for SME or 95% of hourly basic salary for WTS. For more information, visit

Registration will close 5 working days prior to programme commencement date