On 4 August 2017, SCALE organised an Orientation Briefing and Welcome Tea for our incoming BTech and UGC students, who will be embarking on their learning journey in Semester 1 of Academic Year 2017/18 that starts on 14 August 2017.

The Dean of SCALE, Professor Wei Kwok Kee, started off the event with a warm welcome speech, and gave a brief introduction to the students on who’s who of SCALE’s Deanery team, the Course Coordinators and the Academic Programme Support team.

Next up was Mr Jim Gan, a BTech alumnus, who was invited to share his valuable experience with the incoming BTech and UGC students. Jim is a BTech (IME) graduate of 2013. He also shared tips on how to balance work, social life and studies, which he deemed as the greatest challenge for all working adults who are pursuing part-time studies while working at the same time.

After that, students were briefed on important information regarding library matters, fire safety, and student administrative matters.


Our BTech (IME) graduate, 2013, Mr. Jim Gan (left) and Dean of SCALE, Prof Wei Kwok Kee


Following that, the students broke off into their different programmes (i.e. Engineering and Computing) to learn more about the degree structure, progression requirements and regulations to follow during their candidature in NUS.

Finally, the incoming BTech and UGC students collected their NUS Student Cards, activated their Student Accounts and became fully registered students of NUS. The orientation event ended with a packed Welcome Tea where our students got to know each other while enjoying a sumptuous high-tea buffet specially catered for them.

We wish all our incoming BTech and UGC students a successful learning journey ahead!


Our BTech Civil Engineering student, Madam Wong Yu Inn, posed with her student card


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