SCALE welcomed its newest cohort of BTech and SpC students for the January 2018 intake with an Orientation session on the evening of Friday, 5 January 2018. The event was held in the Ngee Ann Kongsi (NAK) Auditorium at the Education Resource Centre (ERC) in NUS U-Town. Students started arriving at 5.30pm to register; each received a welcome gift and had light refreshments before the start of the session. To kick-off the session, students were introduced to members of the SCALE management and programme/student administration teams. After that, a briefing on Fire Safety was conducted to ensure our new students are well informed on how to react during an emergency situation. This was followed by a briefing on Library Matters where students were shown how to use the available library services or facilities during their studies at NUS. Then, during the briefing on Student Administrative matters, students learnt how to navigate their way through various websites and the student portal to understand the University’s policies and where to find information like timetable, enrolment for modules, tuition fees, etc. Finally, students received guidance on Programme Matters which covered information on programme requirements, grading, candidature duration, etc.

Last but not least, students personally collected their Student Cards and activated it to complete their registration, thus becoming students of NUS officially.

All best wishes to our latest incoming students in their quest for lifelong learning in partnership with NUS SCALE!


Students registering their attendance for the event


Students paying rapt attention during the Orientation session


Students collecting their NUS Student Cards at the end of the Orientation session


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