Lifelong learning is a key initiative of the NUS education mandate, and SCALE is the concrete realisation of that ideal.

The School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) is the newest kid on the NUS block, and it is here to provide opportunities for working adults to up-scale their skills and knowledge; to help Singapore companies and industries enhance the value of their workforce in order to stay relevant and competitive; and to support the manpower needs of Singapore.

For a start, we are proud to offer the highly successful Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme, which was first established by the NUS Faculty of Engineering. Indeed, this programme has, over the years, inspired a generation of students and created value for its graduates. At SCALE, we will adapt it further to suit the learning requirements and qualifications of working adults, so that they can more effectively work towards achieving accredited certification.

SCALE has already formed strategic partnerships with important industry players to provide adult learners with real-world and real-time expertise, and we will continue to seek out new partnerships while building upon established ones. We are partnering SSG to offer modular and certificate programmes for working professionals to deepen their skills in areas of demand, including courses in social work and process improvement and innovation. These programmes will be offered in blended learning mode, allowing professionals to stay relevant and competitive while being able to learn at their own pace. We are also partnering the Employment and Employability Institute - e2i - to identify and address skills gaps in Singapore’s workforce.

SCALE will offer executive development programmes, such as specialisation certification courses in niche industries, as well as short courses for professionals and managers. For a start, these courses will be offered through two key collaborations - one with NUS Organisational Excellence Office on process improvement and innovation, and the other with the NUS Department of Social Work to provide continuing professional education for social work practitioners. In addition, SCALE will assist the NUS Centre for Biomedical Ethics to offer programmes on biomedical ethics designed for clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals.

On the educational expertise front, SCALE is most fortunate to have access to all the 16 schools of NUS, and their best minds. Adult learners will appreciate the prestige and hallmark of the NUS name as Asia's leading university. Come 2017, we hope to launch an exciting range of new degree and certificate programmes, with more to come as we build and develop.

As Dean of SCALE, I am proud to head this exciting opportunity to contribute towards the University’s efforts in promoting lifelong learning among Singapore professionals. I look forward to working with my NUS colleagues from various schools and faculties, as well as with our partners in the industry and government agencies, to enable all Singaporeans to maximise their potential and realise their career aspirations.

Albert Einstein said: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

SCALE hopes to provide that value through lifelong education, and I warmly invite you to seek your continuing education with us.

Wei Kwok Kee

Professor and Dean