The School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) at the National University of Singapore offers adult learners opportunities to acquire new knowledge, attain mastery of skills, stay current with the latest information, and be aligned to the best practices of today's workplace.

"It Begins With NUS Series” is designed to demystify new technology and best management practice. It is meant for professionals and managers to acquire new knowledge and basic skills within a one or two-day timeframe. Facilitated by industry experts, this series of seminars covers subjects in leadership, business-technology innovation, service transformation, in-demand technical skills, as well as emerging and future skills.

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Programme Fee
Future-Proofing My Leadership Begins With Me

As a leader, how do you equip yourself to lead organisations in this increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment?

In this workshop, participants will future-proof their leadership by exploring three important skills that leaders will need to lead progressive organisations—sensemaking, stakeholder management, and structured innovation.

S$800 (before GST)
S$856 (includes GST)
Organisational Culture Change Begins With Me

The research is clear - organisations with strong and healthy cultures do better—they perform better economically, they attract better talent, and they groom and retain the talent. And this is the same for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational corporations (MNCs).

Learn more about organisational culture and how as a leader, you can impact the culture of your organisation for the better.

S$800 (before GST)
S$856 (includes GST)
Workplace Coaching Begins With Me

One of the critical skills that leaders of the future will need is the ability to facilitate coaching conversations at the workplace. At the most basic level, workplace coaching is useful for on-boarding a new team member on job responsibilities and duties. Workplace coaching is also an important part of performance management, developing a team member to perform at his or her optimal level.

S$1,600 (before GST)
S$1,712 (includes GST)
Chatbot Development Begins With Me

Chatbots on the mobile phone or web site is becoming a popular method to interact and service an organisation’s customers. This 1-day programme will enable you to build a basic Chatbot with no programming requirement. It is designed for organisations wanting to build and launch a Chatbot service on their web or as a mobile service.

S$750 (before GST)
S$802.50 (includes GST)
Data Analytics Begins With Me

Basic Data Analytics taught with a simple but powerful graphical user interface (“GUI”) drag-and-drop tool targeted at business analysts requiring more sophisticated capabilities than what a spreadsheet can offer.

Understanding and using data is increasingly an important part of an executive function. Whether you are a business analyst, customer service officer, physiotherapist, procurement officer or HR executive – the ability to understand where potential data is coming from, and to properly collect it, clean it and then analyze the data will be an important and critical skill.

The programme focuses on these core skills and provides you the knowledge to participate in the organisation’s data analytics process without any coding requirements.

You will learn to use the free and open source data analytics tool – Orange – a powerful and popular Python-based data analytics tool. All tasks in Orange are done with point-click-drag-and-drop only.

We will cover basic concepts of data analysis, processing of data, and visualization of raw data and processed data to gain insights, followed by building simple models for classification and prediction.

S$750 (before GST)
S$802.50 (includes GST)
Data Visualization Begins With Me

Knowing how to best express your results from your data science and machine learning algorithms is key to convincing your team and management your point of view. The programme will provide an overview on visualization and its principles.

S$400 (before GST)
S$428 (includes GST)
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