Youth Programme: International Economics and Finance (High School)




This course aims to highlight the major economic problems that characterize the present-day developing countries with special reference to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asian nations. While the problems and issues are brought out in a non-technical fashion, the relevant policies are discussed with the help of appropriate empirical evidence so as to allow the students to gauge the extent of success achieved by various policies.

The course is likely to impart useful knowledge and information on the prime development issues that concern the developing world today. After the successful completion of the course, students should be able to identify the main problems that are currently faced in the developing countries and would be able to make some policy suggestions in dealing with these problems. They will also gain some useful experience on the economic development of Singapore.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • acquire knowledge and a broad awareness of the various economic issues faced by the developing countries, in particular countries in this region;
  • understand how policies are implemented in developing countries to meet specified goals and objectives;
  • apply the knowledge gained and make suggestions in dealing with the issues faced by the developing countries or their country of origin;
  • cultivate a deeper interest in current world affairs, such as the financial crisis and international trade;
  • analyze how the knowledge gained can help prepare you for the marketplace upon graduation.


  • Programme testimonial:

From learning this course, my vision was largely widened. I learn to analyse things in a more comprehensive manner. The saying said “Every coin has two sides.” … Also, I was significantly encouraged by our instructor (teaching assistant). I really like his class. His class was well organized and advanced with the times. He was considerate in that he thought may some students were too shy to ask questions. So he permits those students ask him after others leaving ZOOM or by sending him an e-mail. And there must be pointed that Dr Connie CHUNG is very professional and kind. Her bright smile relieves my nervousness. I’m very glad and I appreciated I have this opportunity to learn in the NUS.

- Ye Hongting, China (July 2021 batch)



Participants are required to have a basic understanding of economics terminologies.


Pre-university and high school students age 16 – 18 years old, who have an interest in economics issues and relevant policy practices.


18 hours of online programme, including synchronous lessons and discussion.


  • 15 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Welcome Session + Lesson 1
  • 16 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Lesson 2
  • 19 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Lesson 3
  • 20 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Lesson 4
  • 21 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Lesson 5
  • 23 Dec 2022 10am - 1pm (GMT+8): Lesson 6 + Final Online Quiz


  • Final Assessment: Individual Quiz
 Dr Connie Chung

Dr Connie Chung Wee-Wee, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Connie Chung Wee-Wee is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics. She teaches topics relating to Development Economics, the Singapore Economy and Business Economics.

Dr Chung worked for a multinational corporation for 15 years in various sales, marketing, brand management and management positions, before joining NUS. She also had overseas assignments in China, Hong Kong SAR (China) and Vietnam.



Successful participants who complete all requirements of the programme including passing the assessment will receive a certificate of completion issued by NUS SCALE.
A sample of the certificate of completion can be found here: 

Participants with highest score in final assessment will also receive a commendation letter. A sample is shown below:
Sample Online Commendation Letter


Individual Sign-up:
15 to 23 December 2022


Programme Fee
SGD $ 1,296.00 (price inclusive of 8% GST with effect from 1 Jan 2023)

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  • Youth Programme: International Economics and Finance (High School)
11 March 2023