What skills will matter in the future?

14 December 2021
— A recently released report by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) has identified the “priority skills” that both employers and individuals should look into developing in the next one to three years so that they remain relevant in new and emerging areas, namely the Digital, Green and Care Economies.

The inaugural Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report, launched by Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing on Wednesday, 8 Dec 2021, noted that knowing which skills are in demand has never been more important, with the relentless pace of technological innovations, evolving consumer demands and disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future skills
Prof Susanna Leong

“The concept of what it means to be ‘relevant and competitive’ is rapidly changing, along with the definition of the ‘global workforce’.”

Prof Susanna Leong, Vice Provost (Masters’ Programmes & Lifelong Education) and Dean (School of Continuing and Lifelong Education), as quoted in the inaugural Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report. Click here to hear Prof Leong share more in a podcast with Money FM.

Future skills


Aimed at helping Singaporeans figure out how they can better prepare themselves for unprecedented changes to their jobs and livelihoods, the report suggests that the skills central to the Digital, Green and Care Economies will be transferable across to other sectors. These include digital skills, sustainability related skills, as well as technology enablement and multidisciplinary skills related to care and wellness.

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Future skills
29 November 2022