NUS-SEED Institute Advanced Certificate in Centre Leadership and Management

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Course Objectives

In an era where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) are the norm, how do leaders in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector ensure that they have the right knowledge and skills to navigate and lead their centres towards success and profitability?

This certificate programme aims to enable ECCE leaders to:

  • recognise the key trends and influences of digitalisation, design the desired future-proof learning environment based on a value-centred approach, and lead the change for creating quality learning environments;
  • build a culture of continuous learning and professional growth and development of staff through:
    • set up data-driven strategic plans, initiatives, systems and processes;
    • manage, review and evaluate systems and processes with a view towards enhancements;
    • manage projects and planning resources to meet new business requirements;
    • build the capacity of colleagues and centre through effective human resource management (HRM) and development, and lead team leaders in the development of business unit strategies, operational plans and corporate governance management to meet changes in the new learning environment; and
  • coach staff for performance, communicate and engage stakeholders more effectively.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • recognise and keep themselves abreast of current trends and digital influences;
  • visualise and design their desired context-appropriate learning environment, based on a value-centric approach;
  • build a culture of continuous learning and staff's professional growth and development;
  • drive their centre’s initiatives, systems and processes and look into coherence of plans;
  • lead team leaders to develop business strategies and governance management, manage and review systems and processes;
  • manage project and resource planning that supports sustainability of the centre;
  • build the capacity of colleagues through effective human resource management and development;
  • lead the change needed to future-proof the learning environment;
  • lead effective workplace communication and engagement with stakeholders to build positive relationships; and
  • develop their skills and gain confidence.


84 training hours to be completed within 18 months


  • Lead Teachers
  • Senior Lead Teachers
  • Centre Leaders
  • Senior Centre Leaders
  • Curriculum Quality Managers
  • Childcare Centre Entrepreneurs


Upon successful completion of all the four modules in the programme, participants will be awarded the NUS-SEED Institute Advanced Certificate in Centre Leadership and Management.


Please refer to course dates for individual modules above


10 days (Modules 1 to 3)
14 hours (Module 4)
Timing varies with module 


Modules 1 & 3: National University of Singapore, University Town
Modules 2 & 4: SEED Institute


For information on the certificate registration, please email Steven Loo
19 May 2021