Capstone Project and Assessment

This module is part of the NUS-SEED Institute Advanced Certificate in Centre Leadership and Management and has to be taken as part of the Advanced Certificate with the other modules.

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Course Reference No: TGS-2020507624

Course Objectives

The Capstone Project is a workplace-learning process. Students pursue independent research on a question or problem of their choice, and engage with the operators and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector stakeholders in the relevant topics. With the guidance of a field practicum supervisor, students produce a portfolio that reflects a deep understanding of the topic through a self-directed learning model. Students are strongly encouraged to choose a topic in which they have some competence, based on both their academic understanding and professional experience, or exploration of future career options. The Capstone Project is a valuable intellectual experience and acts as a vehicle through which students can demonstrate their understanding, as well as analytical and writing skills, to either their current or prospective employers or counterparts within the ECCE sector. Completion of the Capstone Project and its subsequent pass grading are required for graduation.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate a culture of continuous learning in an authentic setting;
  • Enhance professional growth and development;
  • Drive their centre’s initiatives, systems and processes and look into the coherence of plans;
  • Articulate and evaluate systems and processes;
  • Evaluate resource planning strategies that support the sustainability of the centre;
  • Formulate strategies and implement plans to build the capacity of human resource management and development;
  • Lead team leaders to develop business strategies and governance management; and
  • Lead workplace communication and engagement. 


The Capstone Project is a 48 academic hour process, taking place over one month, in which students pursue independent research on a question, topic or problem of their choice. With the guidance of a supervisor – students will produce a portfolio and give a short presentation that reflects a deep understanding of the selected topic through a Self-Directed Learning (SDL) model.

Students are strongly encouraged to choose a topic in which they have some competence based on both their academic understanding and professional experience. The Capstone Project is a valuable intellectual experience and acts as a vehicle through which students can demonstrate their understanding and analytical skills. Completion of the Capstone Project and its subsequent pass grading are required for graduation.


The participant should have:

  • At least two years of working experience as a childcare teacher or manager;
  • Proficient in Advanced Microsoft Excel; and WPLN level 5 in Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy
  • Prior knowledge and skills in:
    • Recognising the opportunities, challenges, current trends and digital influences in the ECCE landscape;
    • Designing values-centric learning environment;
    • Appreciating effective workplace communication, diversity and its impact on the business to:
      • drive coherent centre’s initiatives, systems and processes;
      • manage and review systems and processes;
      • manage sustainable resource planning;
      • lead others to develop business strategies and governance management;
    • Building effective human resource management to develop staff and instilling continuous learning culture in the organisation;
    • Developing leadership effectiveness to lead change for business success; and
    • Coaching team members for enhanced performance

Who Should Attend 

Lead Teachers, Senior Lead Teachers, Centre Leaders, Senior Centre Leaders, Curriculum Quality Managers, Childcare Centre Entrepreneurs

Mode of Training 



Ms. Yip Kwai Heng


Yip Kwai Heng, Lecturer, holds a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Studies from Roehampton University, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a Focus on Literacy from Wheelock College, a Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Singapore, and a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies from Singapore Institute of Management.

Kwai Heng has over 18 years of early childhood experience where she has held a professional portfolio spanning teaching and managing child care centres as well as mentoring pre- and in-service teachers. Prior to joining SEED Institute, Kwai Heng teaches the certificate and diploma programmes. She also conducts Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops for early childhood educators in the fields of teacher-child interaction, classroom management and observation and assessment.


Ms. Geraldine Susay


Geraldine Susay comes with more than 25 years of experience in the ECCE field. Over the years her passion for ECCE has led her to guiding and mentoring teachers and partnering with parents.

She joined My First Skool as a principal, leading in a centre. Subsequently, she was transferred to NTUC First Campus (NFC) Headquarters in the Learning and Development unit. Geraldine played a vital role in co-facilitation and in mentoring in the Grow with Us Programme (GWU). Besides GWU, she has inspired and on boarded many cohorts of new early childhood educators. Since then her portfolio has expanded to designing various in-house programmes for principals and teachers. She continues to facilitate in various in house programs

As a strong believer of professional mastery, Geraldine completed her Master of Education (Early Childhood) with University of Monash in 2017. She also holds an Advance Certificate of Training and Assessment (ACTA), a professional workplace trainer certification from Workforce Development Agency.


Ms. Stacey Elizabeth Toh


Stacey Elizabeth Toh is an experienced lecturer for Early Childhood Care and Education and has spent numerous years teaching modules in Early Childhood at the various Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore. Apart from having postgraduate qualifications in ECCE, Stacey has immense operational experience, currently being a Manager, Cluster Quality at NTUC First Campus (MFS) as well as has worked in leadership positions with other noteworthy kindergarten brands during her earlier tenures in the sector.

In the field of Adult Education, Stacey has completed her Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and has a professional certificate in teaching English for preschoolers. She possesses leadership qualities and strongly advocates Shared and Servant Leadership. Stacey is also passionate about professional development and believes firmly in an inspiring, creative and dynamic teaching approach in her programmes to help teachers become more competency in their professional practices.


Ms. Yeo Hwee Cheng


Yeo Hwee Cheng has M.Sc. in Early Childhood Education from Boston University and a B.Sc. from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Chemistry. She is also trained in Early Childhood Education and Leadership from SEED Institute and was awarded the Bronze medal for her outstanding academic performance in 2011. Hwee Cheng is also trained in the Montessori Methodology. After graduating from NUS, Hwee Cheng spent 16 years in the cruise and leisure industry in the areas of regional marketing and operations.

Hwee Cheng joined Halifax Montessori Childcare in 2008 as their Director of Communication and oversaw the school’s corporate communication and organisation of school events. She was the centre’s Vice Principal from 2016 to 2017 and was responsible for the centre’s in-house teacher training and building staff team dynamics. Now, Hwee Cheng is involved in a variety of training and facilitation roles such as KidStart Group Facilitator, Mentor to teachers using the Abecedarian Approach and Associate Trainer at Seed Institute’s The Parent College. She has also created and delivered her own series of Early Childhood Educational and Leadership workshops under Constructive Minds Pte Ltd for the continuous professional development of early childhood professionals.

Hwee Cheng is very passionate about training because she believes that helping teachers improve their skills will have a great impact on early childhood education.


Ms. Irene Tan Hwee Hoon 


Irene Tan Hwee Hoon is a fine art artist by training, but she is known as an early childhood education trainer by profession. A Masters (MSC) graduate from Wheelock College (Boston), Irene has more than 15 years of early childhood teaching and teacher training experiences. As a principal, she has led her school to achieve the nationally acclaimed SPARKS award (accredited by the Ministry Of Education, Singapore) in providing quality preschool education in 2012. She has conducted internal and external quality curriculum audits in kindergartens and childcare centres, training teachers in various overseas preschool organisations extensively especially in Indonesia, China while mentoring, and conducting field supervision to students from local Polytechnics in Singapore. 

Irene is passionate in imparting her knowledge and skills in early childhood education to make a difference of the lives of young children, form strong partnership with families, and reach out to the communities. Irene is a trained fine artist (Bachelor of Fine Arts) with a strong ECCE pedagogical and operational background.




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Learners must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components, to be eligible for SSG funding.

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19 April 2021