Professional Certificate in Data Literacy for Non-Data Scientists


Course Objectives

Regardless of job function, in the era of big data we must all learn the language of data. Acquiring data might be easy in a digitised, networked society, but these are just bits and bytes in storage until you can make sense of them.

The ability to read, analyse and understand data places you in an advantageous position. Data literacy enables you to draw insights and to guide decision-making. Gut feel can now be supported and informed by data. The ability to communicate complicated data insights in clear visual form also lends your argument persuasive heft.

Courses in this professional certificate introduce the new language of data, data management know-how and tools you can use to analyse data and communicate information visually. You will advance to learning prescriptive and predictive analytics techniques that lead to more precise demand forecasting. Data is everywhere and ready to be tapped. Equip yourself with the skills to leverage on this invaluable resource.


Who should attend

For those who would like to understand emerging technologies and how these technologies impact their work, and for individuals who wish to interpret and use data effectively.

Candidature duration

Five short courses to be completed within 12 months.


If you are an NUS fresh graduate from 2020 planning to use your Virtual Voucher to enrol for this Professional Certificate, please identity yourself as 'NUS Alumnus (with R&G Voucher)' at the NUS Online Application Portal, and then click on 'Professional Certificate Programmes'.

If you are not eligible for the R&G vouchers, please apply for each short course separately at the NUS Online Application Portal.

Award of Professional Certificate

Upon fulfilling the requirements of the modules listed, submit your individual course certificates to to request for your NUS Professional Certificate in Data Literacy for Non-Data Scientists

*The NUS Foundational Certificate in Data Literacy has been replaced by the Professional Certificate in Data Literacy for Non-Data Scientists. If you meet the requirements of the Foundational certificate course by 31 December 2020 and wish to claim the Foundational Certificate in Data Literacy, please submit your individual course certificates to by 1 March 2021.



Please refer to course dates for individual courses above


6 days
9.00am to 5.30pm


National University of Singapore
University Town
14 September 2021