Professional Certificate in Marketing for Entrepreneurs


Course Objectives

After fleshing out your business plan and refining your idea to meet market needs, you finally have your product or service in hand. Now how do you tell the world about it?

It is no mean feat to garner attention for your product or service in a marketplace crowded with local and global competitors. While there may be seemingly fool-proof marketing plans, this professional certificate will show you best practices to leverage your network, understand your customer base, and use digital platforms effectively to get the word out about your product or service.

Through this course, you will learn the strategies to build your professional network, and come to appreciate the importance of this social capital as you see how your network can help you to extend your market reach quickly. You will acquire the skills to capitalise on the capabilities of readily available digital services and tools that can support your marketing and communications needs. Using data analytics, you will glean insights on customers, and such understanding of your customers will inform your decision making on how and where to invest in building your business.

Who should attend

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to broaden their knowledge and skills in marketing particularly in the digital sphere, and for those who wish to leverage on digital platforms, tools and services to draw customer and market insights to support business growth.

Candidature duration

Four short courses to be completed within 12 months.


If you are an NUS fresh graduate from 2020 planning to use your Virtual Voucher to enrol for this Professional Certificate, please identity yourself as 'NUS Alumnus (with R&G Voucher)' at the NUS Online Application Portal, and then click on 'Professional Certificate Programmes'.

If you are not eligible for the R&G vouchers, please apply for each short course separately at the NUS Online Application Portal.

Award of Professional Certificate

Upon fulfilling the requirements of the modules listed, submit your individual course certificates to to request for your NUS Professional Certificate in Marketing for Entrepreneurs.


Please refer to course dates for individual courses above


7 days
9.00am to 5.30pm


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24 June 2021