NUS SCALE offers several certificate programmes on a wide range of subjects. Each programme comprises a series of short courses. These short courses reflect the SkillsFuture Series of emerging skills, giving you the assurance of the applicability and relevance of the skills taught. Learn in a flexible and hands-on way, and build up your knowledge and skills systematically. Upon completing the requisite courses, you will earn a recognised NUS certificate.

NUS Professional Certificates comprise six to seven days of short courses through which you will acquire depth of knowledge, and be skilled in both the theoretic and practical aspects of a subject area. To earn an NUS Professional Certificate, you should complete the requisite short courses within 12 months.

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NUS Foundational Certificates 
are ideal if you have some working knowledge of the subject area. The courses cover knowledge and application at the foundational and intermediate levels. By 31 December 2020, Foundational Certificates will be phased out and replaced by their Professional Certificate equivalent.

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NUS Advanced Certificates are for the experienced practitioner. Deepen your knowledge and hone your skills in a specialised area as courses will cover theory and application at the advanced level. These certificates will be introduced progressively.

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Applying for Certificates

To earn a certificate, you must complete all requisite short courses within the stipulated time frame. When you have met the requirements for a certificate, submit your individual course certificates to ask.scale@nus.edu.sg to request for the relevant certificate.

27 January 2021