Global Engineers Leadership Programme

Course Reference No: TGS-2020502674
In collaboration with: The Institution of Engineers, Singapore and NTUC


Course Objectives

Jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and NTUC in collaboration with NUS SCALE, the Global Engineers Leadership Programme is designed for business and engineer-leaders to develop a deeper appreciation and awareness of future engineering trends in the global environment. By attending this programme, participants can expect to:

  • Gain insights for better decision making in an unpredictable and volatile business environment
  • Put knowledge into practice through a capstone project which will be presented on the final day of the programme
  • Open windows of opportunities to connect with other business leaders globally

The 5-day residential programme will be delivered through a mix of seminars, workshops, case studies and learning journeys helmed by facilitators and speakers who are respected specialists in a wide range of subjects.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to
  • Understand regional geo-political landscape and what it takes for businesses to go international
  • Discover the impact of technology and the rise of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Redefine the boundaries of our thinking by developing our cognitive agility and discovering the underlying forces that shape the world
  • Immerse into the future of work and understand the future workforce
  • Bring all themes together, how leaders orchestrate the diversity and steer their organisation into the future


Day 0

  • Arrival and check in to NUS Kent Vale
  • Welcome dinner hosted by IES

Day 1
Understanding Our Region: Mega Trends, Opportunities and Obstacles

  • The complexity of our geo-political landscape impacts trade and the way business operates. What are the trends that will enlighten us as we bring our business into the future and beyond our boundaries?
  • Highlights of the day: An evening talk on “Belt and Road Initiative” delivered by Prof Kishore Mahbubani, Senior Advisor (University and Global Relations) and Professor in the Practice of Public Policy, NUS

Day 2
Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

  • Is Artificial Intelligence a boon or bane to our businesses, workforce and leaders? How have others made sense of AI and harnessed it to improve operating efficiencies?
  • Highlights of the day: Learning journeys to Innovation 4.0 labs at NUS and a panel on technology disruptors in the evening.

Day 3
Are We Ready for the Future of Work?

  • Digitization is changing business models, consumer expectations and the nature of jobs and ways or working. How can we embrace diversity and maximise the potential of our human capital?
  • Highlights of the day: Workshop on designing HR practices for the workforce of the future through empathetic design and a networking session hosted by NTUC.

Day 4
Developing Cognitive Agility with Ethics

  • Decision-making is getting more complex for leaders. How can we be agile in decision-making, balancing the profit agenda with ethics?
  • Highlights of the day: Visit and dinner at Pope Jai Thai, a social enterprise restaurant that provides employment and training for people from disadvantaged groups.

Day 5
Leading Organisations with the Art of Science and Human Touch

  • What is required to be a purposeful leader for the new-age workforce? How can leaders orchestrate the diverse workforce and communicate to them effectively?
  • Highlights of the day: Capstone project presentation and closing dinner hosted by IES


Minimum Engineering degree

Who Should Attend

Business owners, C-suite, C-1 or C-2, who are likely to hold the job title of:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operation Officer (COO) 
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Director
  • Chief Engineer

Mode of Training


Ms. Cecilia Chua (Programme Director, NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education)


Cecilia is an ex Managing Director of Accenture Singapore with over 30 years of leadership development and facilitation experience. Towards the end of 2015, Cecilia set up a leadership consulting practice. Leadership Design Studio aims to create an innovative and insightful experience for senior level executives, through custom designed leadership workshops and programmes.


Mr. Alex Capri (Senior Fellow, NUS Business School)


Alex Capri is a Senior Fellow and full-time lecturer in the Business School at the National University of Singapore. Alex also lectures in the NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

From 2007-2012, Alex was the Partner and Regional Leader of KPMG’s International Trade & Customs Practice in Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. Alex has over 20 years of experience in global value chains, logistics and international trade – both as an academic and a professional consultant. He has advised clients on cross-border projects in more than 40 countries and he has worked in some of the most challenging regulatory environments in the world. He is known for his expertise in digital leadership and innovation regarding cross-order business networks and good governance.

He holds a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics, in International Political Economy. He holds a B.Sc. in International Relations, from the University of Southern California. 



16 hours - facilitated Learning 
5 hours 15 mins - project
5 hours - assessment (Case Study)
18 hours 45 mins - experiential learning


National University of Singapore
University Town

International Participants


Incl. GST

Singapore Citizens
(39 yrs old or younger) 


Singapore PRs


Incl. GST

Singapore Citizens
(40 yrs or older)


Incl. GST

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs


Incl. GST

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Fees & Funding

Singapore Citizen1
39 years old or younger
Singapore Citizen1
40 years or older eligible for MCES2
Singapore PRs Enhanced Training
Support for SMEs3
Full Programme Fee S$6,000.00 S$6,000.00 S$6,000.00 S$6,000.00 S$6,000.00
SSG Funding
(Refer to Funding Page for Claim Period)
- (S$4,200.00) (S$4,200.00) (S$4,200.00) (S$4,200.00)
Nett Programme Fee S$6,000.00 S$1,800.00 S$1,800.00 S$1,800.00 S$1,800.00
7% GST on Nett
Programme Fee
S$420.00 S$126.00 S$126.00 S$126.00 S$126.00
Total Nett Programme
Fee Payable, Incl. GST
S$6,420.00 S$1,926.00 S$1,926.00 S$1,926.00 S$1,926.00
Less Additional Funding if Eligible Under Various Scheme - - (S$1,200.00) - (S$1,200.00)
Total Nett Programme Fee, Incl. GST,
after additional funding from the various funding schemes
S$6,420.00 S$1,926.00 S$726.00 S$1,926.00 S$726.00
Hospitality, Accommodation & Other Expenses S$9,000.00 S$9,000.00 S$9,000.00 S$9,000.00
7% GST on Hospitality, Accommodation & Other Expenses S$630.00 S$630.00 S$630.00 S$630.00 S$630.00
Total fees payable (Including GST) S$16,050.00 S$11,556.00 S$10,356.00 S$11,556.00

Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs eligible for the SSG grant must attain at least 75% training attendance and passed all prescribed assessments.

  1. All self-sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the programme. Visit to select the programme. 
  2. Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) - Singaporeans aged 40 and above may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee. 
  3. Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) - SME-sponsored employees (Singaporean Citizens and PRs) may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee. Click Here for more information. 
  4. Eligible organisations (excluding government entities) may apply for the absentee payroll funding for Singaporean/permanent resident participants attending the programme during working hours. The absentee payroll funding is computed at 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50 per hour or $7.50 per hour for SME. For more information, visit Enterprise Portal for Jobs & Skills
  5. Eligible individuals may apply for training allowance capped at $6/hr under the WSS scheme, visit- WSG for more information..
  6. NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) – All self-employed (i.e. freelancers and sole-proprietors-with-no-employee) Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for the NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) from NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). Click here for more information.
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22 June 2022