Managing Change for Digital Transformations

Course Reference No:
TGS-2020506064 (Classroom Learning)
TGS-2020503099 (Synchronous e-Learning)


Course Objectives

This is a 3-day hands-on course that prepares technology and business leaders to plan, drive and navigate change for digital transformation across the organisation. It will provide participants with a robust framework to systematically identify areas requiring change management when navigating digital transformation. 

Through interactive experiential learning and peer-to-peer sharing, participants will be guided to develop insights on how to manage their organisation’s transformation journey. By applying the framework to their insights, they will be able to develop a tailored and robust change plan to address today’s issues and also prepare their organisation for change in the horizon.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their current organisation’s preparedness for the changes ahead
  • Identify potential people-related risk areas
  • Gain key insights on their organisational change journey
  • Apply proven change design approaches to increase buy-in
  • Make environmental adjustments to drive and imbue change
  • Develop a tailored transformation change plan 


Day 1
  • Understand how change has been typically managed in projects and how it needs to be different for digital transformation
  • Understand various models of change, tactics and tools used to drive and implement change
  • Identify current organisation’s pain points and identify potential risk areas and sources of resistance
  • Define desired end goal
  • Understand how transformational change and digitalisation initiatives require different change management approaches
  • Understand difference between agile change management and waterfall-approach traditional change management
  • Assess your organisation-specific digital transformation change challenges
Day 2
  • Learn ways to enable mindset shifts and increase stakeholder buy-in
  • Utilise project-specific techniques and tools to support change such as stakeholder engagement and impact analysis
  • Understand the framework that is required to ensure change and value is sustained and embedded in an organisation
  • Create a plan to build change competencies within the organisation across all levels and build internal coalition that supports your initiatives
  • Practice application through simulation exercises and short case studies
Day 3
  • Develop your Organisation-Specific Change Experience and Implementation Plan
  • Develop an integrated change plan to drive change across the organisation before, during and after transition
  • Review and critically assess plan: Recognise potential challenges and develop mitigating measures


Participants who are currently or about to undergo a digital transformation in their organisation.

Who Should Attend

Technology and Business Leaders who are interested to learn how to plan, drive and navigate change for digital transformation. 

Mode of Training

On-campus or Online (Live)


Dr. Yong Hsin Ning


Yong Hsin Ning is the Co-founder and Director of Change Voyage Consulting, a consulting firm which provides tailored solutions in the areas of organisational and individual change. She is also an Adjunct faculty at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business in the Singapore Management University (SMU), where she teaches Organisational Behaviour and Business Model Design. Hsin Ning has 20 years of management consulting experience, predominantly in the field of business transformation, business process re-engineering and change management.  She has worked with clients from across both public and private sector in the Financial Services, Defense, Industrial Relations, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications and Airline industries.  She has obtained a PhD in General Management from SMU. Her dissertation topic centres around how part-time employees manage non-work time to reduce the tendency to work overtime.


Ms. Stacey Huang


Stacey Huang is the Co-founder and Director of Change Voyage Consulting, a consulting firm which provides tailored solutions in the areas of organisational and individual change.  She specializes in organizational psychology and applies her specialization to support organisations undergoing business and digital transformations. She has 11 years of experience managing large scale change and culture programs in industries such as Defence, FMCG, Healthcare, Insurance and Energy.  Stacey is also the Executive Director for PARIMA, a not-for-profit association for risk managers across Asia Pacific focusing on risk, crisis and emergency response.


Ms. Cheryl Tang


Cheryl Tang has over 14 years of change management, organization design and learning and performance management experience. She has managed corporate universities for clients in the region, leading development of curriculum, design and delivery of programmes to support performance. She has also been involved in large Business Transformation projects, involving business process re-engineering and systems related change. She has journeyed with clients to prepare their organizations for change and enable business readiness.

Most recently, Cheryl has led two philanthropic foundations as Foundation Director and currently serves on the Board of various non-profit organizations, helping to drive their social impact through strategic planning.

She has a Masters in Philosophy from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and has taught Philosophy at NUS and Non-Profit Leadership at the Singapore Management University.


Ms. Josie Kang


Josie Kang is an experienced HR Consultant with over 20 years of leadership development, HR strategy, talent management, culture transformation, change management and facilitation experience. She is also an Adjunct Faculty at Singapore Management University. Josie has also held in-house regional Talent Management Director roles at Diageo, Heineken and Sentosa. At Accenture, Josie lead the Human Capital and Culture Transformation Practice for Accenture ASEAN’s Talent and Organization Group. She was also a Leadership coach for clients. Josie began her career in the Singapore Civil Service developing leadership programmes for Scholars and designing interventions as part of an Organisation Development team. Josie graduated with a BSc (Hons) Business degree from Manchester Metropolitan University 1998, and a MA (Distinction) Organization Studies from Warwick University 2005.




3 Days
9.00am to 5.30pm


National University of Singapore
University Town

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Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs eligible for the SSG grant must attain at least 75% training attendance and passed all prescribed assessments.

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20 December 2021