Find a date to meet up with a representative from NUS to learn about the University's Featured Postgraduate (by Coursework) Programmes. The calendars below show the events that NUS plans to participate in. Occasionally, faculty member(s) and/or representative(s) from the NUS Faculty/School Admission team may also be present to answer queries.

Some of the events listed below may be hyperlinked, and clicking on them will lead to a web page with more details and/or a registration form. In some instances, hyperlinks will be added only closer to the date of the event, when arrangements are confirmed.

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Kindly note that the information on this page is subject to change without notice. Despite the best efforts and intentions of all involved, unforeseen circumstances do crop up. The University seeks and appreciates the kind understanding of anyone who may be inconvenienced by such changes.

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NUS Master's Degree (Coursework) Masterclass Webinar Series 2021 — Video Recordings

NUS Postgraduate by Coursework Fair 2022 (PGCF 2022) — See Video on respective programme web pages

MAR 2023

• 7.00pm–8.00pm (SGT):
Master of Science (Venture Creation) Information Session

• 3.00pm–5.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Jakarta

• 5.30pm–8.00pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Kuala Lumpur

• 7.00pm–9.30pm (SGT):
QS Connect Masters Beijing

• 3.00pm–5.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Bangkok

• 4.30pm–7.00pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Tokyo

• 7.00pm–9.30pm (SGT):
QS Connect Masters Shanghai

• 4.30pm–7.00pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Seoul


APR 2023

• 2.30pm–4.30pm (SGT):
QS Connect Masters Taiwan

• 5.00pm–7.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Bangalore

• 5.00pm–7.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Mumbai

• 9.00pm–11.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Delhi

• 9.00pm–11.30pm (SGT):
QS Fairs Hyderabad


MAY 2023

• 6.00pm–8.30pm (SGT):
QS Connect Masters Japan

• 9.30pm–12.00am (SGT):
QS Connect Masters STEM India



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