MSc in Pharmaceutical Science & Technology


The NUS Department of Pharmacy has been running the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology [MPST] programme since 2008. The programme was initiated in response to directions from EDB to train science, pharmacy and engineering personnel to be proficient and knowledge-ready to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry in Singapore.

To make our students relevant in the future pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry, we have adopted a broad-based approach in our curriculum, to encompass the various stages of pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical development.

Prospective students who are already working in or aspiring to enter the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry are invited to apply for this programme.

Upon graduation, the graduates are capable of contributing in various aspects of the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry, ranging from research, formulation, processing, manufacturing, quality assurance, product management and regulatory compliance.

Structure of Programme

For AY2019/2020 cohort and onwards

Candidates admitted into the MPST programme must read and pass a total of 10 modules (40 MC), comprising 5 core modules and 5 elective modules:

5 Core Modules, 4 MCs each

Module Title


Graduate Seminar Module in Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Analysis IV


Formulation Science


Methodologies in Product Development (Capstone module)


Fundamental Topics in Pharmaceutical Science


5 Elective Modules, 4 MCs each
(To be chosen from any of the following)

Module Title

Graduate Certificate (Pharmaceutical Process and Technology)


Pharmaceutical Process Validation


Advances in Tablet Technology


Advances in Drug Delivery


Bioprocess Technology


Preformulation Science

Other modules


Product Quality Management




Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research


Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Regulation (offered by Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE), Duke-NUS Medical School)


Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (offered by Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE), Duke-NUS Medical School)

The modules may not be offered every academic year/semester. Please note that the list of modules offered in an academic year/semester is subject to changes.
Click here for information on Core Modules, Graduate Certificates and Elective Modules.

Mode of Study

Part-time basis only: 24 to 48 months 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with the degree in Master of Science (Pharmaceutical Science and Technology), Candidates must:

  • Achieve a minimum CAP of 3.0

  • Read and pass a total of 10 modules (40 MC), comprising 5 core modules and 5 elective modules

Admissions Criteria

Direct admission route
To be admitted directly into the MPST part-time programme, candidates must be holders of at least a 2nd Class Lower Honours classification (or equivalent) in one of the following degrees, or their equivalent:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry, or
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences, or
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Food Science & Technology, or
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Applied Chemistry (Drug Option), or
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Honours), or
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Honours)
  • Candidates, who do not have Honours classification in the degree pre-requisites as stipulated above, may apply for admission with GRE results
  • Candidates, who hold equivalent degrees from overseas universities, may apply for admission with GRE and TOEFL results. Such candidates, if found suitable, would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application timeline

Application Period

  • Semester 2 (Jan 2021 Intake): 1 July 2020 – 15 September 2020
  • Semester 1 (Aug 2021 Intake): 1 Dec 2020 – 15 March 2021

If you have completed the application (with all the required documents) before the respective application closing date, your application will be processed and you will be informed officially of the outcome of your application via email latest as follows:

  • Semester 1 (August Intake): 31 May
  • Semester 2 (January Intake): 30 November

Completed/ Incomplete application received after the respective application deadline will be considered for the next intake.


excluding GST


Singaporeans and Singapore PRs may enjoy tuition fee subsidies.

•  There is an application fee of $100

•  Apart from tuition fees, there is a Student Services Fee (as published by NUS Registrar's Office) payable every regular semester

•  All fees quoted here are exclusive of prevailing GST, unless otherwise stated. The University reserves all rights to review fees as necessary and adjust accordingly without prior notice

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