Application for the August 2021 intake will open on 28 April 2021. We look forward to your return visit for our refreshed course catalogue then.

The changes we have seen over the last 5 years were probably more than what we had witnessed in the past 2 decades, much were driven by technological advancement and convergence. Our world today continues to change at warp speed, straining traditional business models and forcing organisations to rethink how to create new value.

New ways of doing things come with the need for contemporary mindsets, knowledge and skills. To remain relevant and competitive in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, one needs to remain agile, and lifelong learning is key to this agility.

NUS Lifelong Learners (NUS L3)

NUS is committed to support our alumni in Lifelong Learning

Specially curated for NUS alumni, the university has developed the NUS Lifelong Learners (NUS L3) programme, which seeks to continuously equip alumni with the latest knowledge and skills demanded in today’s digital age, even after graduation.

Student enrolment valid for 20 years

At NUS, we believe lifelong learning begins the day students join us in their first programme. As part of the NUS L³ programme, student enrolment is valid for 20 years from the point of undergraduate/ postgraduate admission. As such, all current and future students are automatically eligible for NUS’ publicly available Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses upon graduation and they may also stack selected courses into qualifications such as Graduate Diplomas, second Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. 

(After 20 years, NUS alumni can look forward to continued lifelong learning support beyond NUS L³. More information will be announced in due course.)

NUS Alumni Voucher

All NUS alumni (except alumni from the full-time undergraduate cohorts conferred in Jan/Jun/Aug 2020*) will receive one Voucher, which can be used to redeem one full-fee, non-SSG-funded, module. 

A full list of the modules which can be redeemed with this Voucher can be found on the NUS CET Course Catalogue – please click on the ‘Funding’ filter, and select ‘Alumni e-Voucher (L3)’.

Alumni Vouchers will be valid as long as NUS is offering the L³ programme to alumni. Your Voucher is considered consumed once you have successfully enrolled in a full-fee L³ module using the Voucher.

*If you are an alumni from the full-time undergraduate cohorts conferred in Jan/Jun/Aug 2020, you have access to the NUS Resilience & Growth Initiative.

CET course catalogue, comprising over 700 courses, focusing on emerging skills

Leveraging on the multidisciplinary expertise of 17 NUS Faculties and Schools, NUS L3 offers a comprehensive, specially curated catalogue of CET courses. These courses are guided by the Singapore government’s Industry Transformation Maps, with a focus on emerging skills identified under the SkillsFuture Series. Industry 4.0 type of courses on technical and generic skills are also available:


support for alumni

Provides lifelong learning support for alumni

The programme ensures our graduates have access to skills-based, industry-relevant courses necessary for upskilling or reskilling in the digital age.

Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities all-year round for busy professionals

Short courses are offered all-year round and there are two intakes a year for modular courses, i.e. Semester 1 (August) and Semester 2 (January).

Upskill and reskill

Upskill and reskill through a wide range of contemporary courses 

NUS L3 comprises a comprehensive catalogue of courses across various disciplines that have been curated from 17 NUS Faculties and Schools.

short or modular courses

Choose between short or modular courses to fit your needs

Modular courses are typically up to 18 weeks in length and short courses range from 1 to 5 days, with lessons conducted either during the day and/or evenings.

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13 April 2021