Future-ready Workshops: Investing for Financial Wellness

Future Ready Workshops:

Investing for Financial Wellness

In 2021, the average life expectancy in Singapore is 83 years. How have you been investing to provide for yourself and your family in view of our increasing longevity?

During this webinar you will learn about: 

  • Leveraging data and technology to make better investments decisions
  • Building and manage real estate wealth for the long term and the pitfalls to avoid

Topic & Speakers

Topic 1: Investing with Data & Technology

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The enormous rise in data and technology has transformed the way we make decisions. The complexities across financial markets and instruments have increased, however, when it comes to retail investing, investors still use the same old techniques. The current scenario demands a change in investing behaviour for gaining better returns and planning for a safe future. This talk will cover the principles of investing leveraging data and technology that can lead to a better decision making.


Mr Shashank Shekhar Tripathi

Mr Shashank Shekhar Tripathi
Certified Financial Technician (CFTe)
Instructor, Dept of Information Systems and Analytics and Strategic Technology Management Institute
NUS School of Computing

Mr Shashank Shekhar Tripathi holds a Master of Science in Business Analytics from NUS and is an expert in System Development, Algotrading, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Automation, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. He also has experience generating actionable insights and executing financial analytics projects related to data visualisation, blockchain, payments, web development and investing.


Topic 2: Building and Managing Real Estate Wealth

Real estate is an integral part of wealth for Singapore. Real estate assets comprise more than 40% of total household wealth in Singapore (MAS, 2020). Real estate loans have risen consistently to $207 bn as of end 2020, accounting for 41.5% of Singapore's GDP. Given that real estate is such a large part of household wealth, how can one build and manage real estate wealth? What are the principles for sustainable long term investment in real estate? What are some pitfalls to avoid?


Prof Ong Seow Eng

Prof Ong Seow Eng
Department of Real Estate, NUS Business School

Professor Ong Seow Eng holds a PhD in Finance from Indiana University and his research interests include Real Estate Investment Trusts, securitised real estate, price discovery, and real estate innovation & technology. He is also a fellow at the Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics.

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