Guidelines for Face-to-Face Programmes


The following measures are currently being taken at SCALE. (Updated as at 6 June 2022)

  1. Participants who are unwell, or have household members who displays symptoms such as cough and fever, or are on quarantine or stay home notice should not attend the event. If participants feel unwell at any point of time, they are required to return home / seek immediate medical attention.

    Here is the list of medical facilities nearest to University Town (UTown):
    ○ National University Hospital
    ○ List of hospitals
    ○ List of GP clinics

  2. All participants must wear their mask in the seminar room at all times.

  3. Participants are to observe good personal hygiene, i.e., wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitisers are available in all the classrooms and are placed next to the door.

  4. Classrooms will be disinfected after each class ends. Each classroom is equipped with disinfectant wipes and spray.

  5. Common toilets will be cleaned and amenities will be replenished every morning and afternoon. Common areas such as corridor, lifts, and areas with surfaces that are frequently touched by people will be cleaned twice a day. 
  1. Instructors are to use their personal microphone or the in-house microphone (coupled with the use of a microphone cover) in seminar room/lecture theater to speak and to teach. This is to reduce the need to raise their voice, which results in an increase in spread of bodily fluid from mouth and nose. 

  2. Instructors are reminded to take care of their personal hygiene by washing their hands frequently. They are also required to wipe down equipment used (including tables and chairs) after every session. 

  3. Instructors should assist to look out for participants and turn away those who are unwell.

Please refer here for the latest updates on NUS Safe Management Measures in accordance to the changes in the National SMMs.

  • Guidelines for Face-to-Face Programmes
08 June 2022