Dell Technologies Master of Science (Industry 4.0) Scholarship

In 2020, Dell Technologies pledged an expendable gift of S$90,000 to establish the Dell Technologies Master of Science (Industry 4.0) Scholarship. Subject to rule 4 below, the Scholarship is governed by the following conditions:

  1. Up to three Scholarships, valued at S$10,000 each, will be awarded each Academic Year (AY). If two scholarships are awarded, there must be one male and one female recipients. Where three scholarships are awarded, there must be one male and two female recipients.
  2. Only full-time students in the MSc (Industry 4.0) programme who have completed at least 18 Units in Semester 1 of the AY they are admitted into are eligible.
  3. The award recipients(s) must be amongst the top 5% of the cohort.
  4. No award of Scholarship will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
  5. The award of the Scholarship will be made by the MSc (Industry 4.0) Programme Management Committee (PMC), who has the full discretion in selecting the Scholarship recipient(s).
  6. If, in any year, the Scholarship is presented to less than three students, the funds available will be carried forward to provide for awards in subsequent years.

Master of Science (Industry 4.0) Study Award

A limited number of Study Awards is made in each Academic Year. The Awards will be offered to selected exceptional candidates who have performed well in their undergraduate studies and during their admission interviews when applying to the MSc (Industry 4.0) programme.

Only Singapore Citizens at the point of application for admission, who are not in receipt of other scholarships or sponsorship support, are eligible for this award. Candidates do not need to apply for the study award, as awardees will be selected by the PMC based on their application credentials.

The quantum of this Study Award will be (up to) 50% of the prevailing total core course fees.

17 March 2023