Encountering Art in the City
18 Sept 2023
— Art engages, and creates meaning when and where it is experienced. The interplay between art and its urban sites opens new fields of knowledge and expertise.

Tech3 Forum 1 Sep. 2023 - Photo 1

NUS Launches ICT Academy
7 Sept 2023
— NUS is committed to supporting the Information & Communications industry stay ahead in a dynamic landscape. 3,000 training places will be made available over three years.


Stepping up in STEM with Communication and Mentorships
5 Sept 2023
— Diana Lim shares why she took up a Master’s Degree in Communication with her interest in product marketing, how her studies are turning out, and what a supportive network of peers and mentors can do for one’s career. 


Your FAQs Answered: Master of Science in Applied Biomedicine
30 Aug 2023
— Have burning questions about this programme introduced in 2023? In this article, we answer audience-submitted questions about the programme, admissions and applications!


Changing the World through Engineering Design and Innovation
25 July 2023 — The world around us is in dire need of new solutions and technologies to change its current course. We speak with Associate Prof Loh Ai Poh, Programme Director   of the Master of Science in Engineering Design & Innovation, to find out how the programme  aims to train people to solve the  wicked problems we face today.


What May Be: Predictions for the Future Digital Economy
24 July 2023
— The NUS Postgraduate by Coursework Masterclass Series 2023 switches gears from interviews with faculty and experts to get an on-the-ground, personal perspective of the Digital Revolution from NUS Master’s Degree graduate and self-avowed “non-techie”, Benny Chung.

Increasing Healthcare Efficiency

Increasing Healthcare Efficiency through Digitalisation
17 July 2023 — The NUS Postgraduate by Coursework Masterclass Series 2023 explores the latest innovations and upcoming developments in the Care Economy, speaking with Associate Professor Ngiam Kee Yuan, Programme Director, Master of Science (Biomedical Informatics) Programme, to find out more about the impact of digitalisation on healthcare.

Where Next for Industry 4.0?

Where Next for Industry 4.0?
10 July 2023 — The NUS Postgraduate by Coursework Masterclass Series 2023 engages Mr Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry & Transformation) at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, to get some insights into the current state of Industry 4.0 and what opportunities we may see on the horizon.

Green Economy Driving Future Growth

The Green Economy: Driving Future Growth
30 June 2023 — With environmental awareness on the rise, the NUS Postgraduate by Coursework Masterclass Series 2023 engages Associate Professor Chai Kah Hin to find out more about the Green Economy and the changes that are sprouting up around it.

New ‘Green’ Competencies Courses
New Short Courses to Equip Public Officers in the Built Environment Sector with ‘Green’ Competencies
8 June 2023 — In collaboration with the Ministry of National Development (MND), NUS is offering a new Professional Certificate in Sustainability for the Built Environment, comprising a series of four short courses targeted at public officers who would like to learn how to incorporate sustainability considerations in their work.
Enhancing Trainer Expertise: Ministry of Defence and the National University of Singapore Team Up for Skills Development
26 May 2023 — The National University of Singapore and MINDEF have signed an MOU aimed at strengthening the functional expertise of trainers in the Singapore Army. 
Championing Lifelong Learning
Championing Lifelong Learning in Higher Education: The NUS Story
16 May 2023 — Professor Susanna Leong, Vice Provost (Masters’ Programmes & Lifelong Education) and Dean (School of Continuing and Lifelong Education) shared how NUS is approaching lifelong learning at the recent Digital Universities Asia event organised by Times Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur.
Guide to Career Growth
The Busy Professional's Guide to Career Growth (Minus the Burnout)
4 May 2023 — For C-suite executives like Ing Nee, or doctors like Dr. Jacquelyn, it may not be possible to take time off work. So, certificate programmes that are spread over one- to two-day short courses, offer a unique opportunity for these professionals to gain new skills – while remaining fully committed to their careers.
Powered up for a Greener Future
Powered Up for a Greener Future
3 May 2023 — After researching about the energy sector, An Lining saw a bright future for alternative and renewable energy. To tap into the powerful potential it held, she chosen to pursue a Master of Science in Energy Systems.
SCTP - Gerald
Making a Mid-Career Leap with NUS SkillsFuture Career Transition Programmes
28 March 2023 — Gerald was in a domain that he didn’t love, and couldn’t see himself doing for the rest of his life. Find out how the NUS SCTP helped Gerald and two other cohort mates, Desmond and Cynthia, reinvigorate their professional lives!
Jonathan Tai
Supercharging a Career with a Master’s Degree
17 February 2023 — Jonathan Tai went back to school to broaden his knowledge about renewable energy systems, and found the tools to power up his career in more ways than he expected.

Preparing for the Industry Ahead
5 January 2023 — Ambitious and driven, Wang Ziqiao and Ye Zhiqiu chose to come to Singapore so they could pursue graduate studies and open the doors to greater opportunities. They found what they needed—and more—in the Master of Science (Industry 4.0) programme.

Ethan Wang

A Journey to Engineering Greener, Smarter and Better Buildings
3 January 2023 — Ethan Zhan had to work for a few years before he realised what area he wanted to build a career in: sustainable buildings. However, his work experience and diploma would take him only so far. To get the job of his dreams, he needed to have a degree. So, when an advertisement for Advance@NUS popped up on his social media feed, it felt like fate (or a really exceptional advertising algorithm) had provided him with a path forward.


Master of Science in Digital Financial Technology to be managed by NUS School of Computing and NUS Business School
24 November 2022 — The programme will be directly managed and administered by both schools from Dec 2022, with no other change in programme structure or curriculum.


Empathy Before Ingenuity: A Civil Servant’s Guide to Better Decision-Making
23 November 2022 — Goh Xin Yi is a bubbly 28-year-old who is always thinking of others and their well-being. Her thoughtful nature is reflected in many of her decisions—from her resolve to immediately enter the workforce upon her graduation from Singapore Polytechnic to relieve her family’s financial strain, to her decision to serve Singaporeans from all walks of life through her civil service career, and her choice of pursuing a Sociology degree.


NUS SCALE, IES and NTUC Host Dialogue Session with Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat as Part of the Global Engineers Leadership Programme 2022
18 November 2022 — Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, attended a closed-door dialogue with participants of the Global Engineers Leadership Programme 2022 on 16 November at NUS. The closed-door dialogue is part of the Global Engineers Leadership Programme 2022 (GELP 2022), held from 14 to 18 November, co-organised by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), in collaboration with the National University of Singapore. 


The Secret to Better Gaming Chairs and Career Progression: Levelling Up
18 November 2022 — Meet Vivian Teh, a Quality Engineer and one of the people who has helped Secret Lab build a global reputation for producing (possibly) the world’s best gaming chairs. In her role, Vivian is responsible for analysing data and offering insights to help the team at Secret Lab decide what enhancements customers desire most


ITE to University: An Inspiring Educational Journey
17 November 2022 — As youngsters, many of us may have heard cautionary stories from our parents about how a lack of interest in studying can later adversely affect our opportunities to further our education and get “good careers” in adulthood.

Green Dot 2

Opening Dinner and Plenary for the Leading in Sustainability and Climate Change: Lessons from the Little Green Dot Programme
28 October 2022 — Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, attended the Dinner and Plenary for the Leading in Sustainability and Climate Change: Lessons from the Little Green Dot programme on 26 October.

NUS x UOB MOU signing

Celebrating NUS' renewed collaboration with UOB to upskill its regional workforce
26 October 2022 — NUS inks its second MOU agreement with UOB at the Bank's Better U Festival.


Why It May Not Be a Good Idea to Use the Term NFT Art: Let's Reconsider the Value of the Arts
25 October 2022 — The worth of a piece of art is not measurable only in terms of dollars and cents.

Multicultural Workplace

Cultural Diplomacy and Intelligence in a Multicultural Workplace
25 October 2022 — Dr Soh Kai Ruo writes about how media content and practitioners can assist countries in building their international reputation.

singapore community

Creativity in the Multiverse: Teaching Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship
25 October 2022 — Like the main character in the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, Dr Rimi Khan find herself traversing her own version of the multiverse, as she comes to grips with Singaporean identity, culture and the creative industries.

NUS campus

Analysing How NUS has Shaped His Career
5 October 2022 — As an accomplished process engineer, Zheng Guo could boast of a number of notches on his belt, including being the lead for Research and Development (R&D) and equipment upgrading projects that had won him such accolades as his company’s CEO Award and R&D Award.

NUS x SBS Transit MOU signing

NUS deepens partnership with SBS Transit to strengthen its global workforce
15 September 2022 — "We are glad to be deepening the collaboration with a valued partner, and to have the opportunity to contribute to these transformative projects at SBS Transit, a key player in the local transport sector." - Professor Susanna Leong, Vice Provost (Masters’ Programmes & Lifelong Education) and Dean (NUS SCALE)


Applying for a Master’s Programme
21 July 2022 — Are you thinking of pursuing a Master’s Degree but have questions about the application process? Let our Programme Consulting Team give you some answers.  


Reprogramming for a Career in IT
20 July 2022 — With the rise of digitalisation, demand is increasing for IT professionals with non-computing industry experience. NUS aims to train professionals to fill that niche with the Master of Computing — General Track.  


Never Too Old or Late to Learn
13 June 2022 — Would you go back to school in after turning forty? We shine the spotlight on two adult learners who understood the importance of lifelong learning on their career goals. They went back to school in their middle age in order to prepare themselves for new challenges that the future brings.  


Demo Day Arrives for NUS MSc in Venture Creation Students
10 June 2022 — Demo Day sees budding entrepreneurs connecting with industry experts—and getting one step closer to realising their start-up dreams.


Learning visit from PSL University
9 June 2022 — “The School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) had the pleasure of hosting delegates from Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL University), accompanied by officials from the Embassy of France in Singapore, for a learning visit on Fri, 3 June 2022.

Power Up With 10 Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners
Power Up With 10 Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners

24 May 2022 — Lifelong learning helps keep our minds sharp, maintain an edge in the workplace, and stay up-to-date with new developments in our field. But for many people, this is easier said than done. One way to become a better learner is by following the top 10 habits that successful lifelong learners follow.


From Humble Beginnings to a Dream Job: An NUS Student’s Four-Year Journey
20 May 2022 — “I cannot believe it actually happened!” says Pavita, still gobsmacked about landing a job at her “dream company”, ST Engineering.


New NUS Master’s Degree Injects Data Analytics into Healthcare
10 May 2022 — NUS launches a new programme aimed at enabling professionals to manage healthcare data to provide analysis as well as lead and implement clinical innovations and projects.


Solving Rubik’s Cubes and Electrical Conundrums is All in a Day’s Work
4 May 2022 — For 26-year-old Ng Shu Zhe, life is box of fascinating puzzles. Whether it is deciphering Rubik’s Cubes in astonishingly quick times, or finding out why certain electronics have failed quality control checks, which is one of his responsibilities at his job, Shu Zhe relishes the challenge.

MSc in Venture Creation

Choosing a Path Less-Travelled
26 April 2022 
— While their fellow fresh graduates jumped straight into the workforce after receiving their degree scrolls, Lin Xiuyan and Jocelyn Wang decided to take a different route. Read on to find out why they ventured away from the crowd and how they created their own career paths.

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Lifelong Learning: Cheat Code for a 100-year Life 
19 April 2022 
— Although life expectancy has increased over the years, many still hold on to the traditional 3-stage structure – education, work and retirement. Today, the 3-stage life approach is ill-equipped to cope with a 100-year life. You need to structure your life differently to make the most of a longer life. 

MSc Maritime Technology and Management

Transforming the Maritime Industry, One Gigabyte at a Time
29 March 2022 
— While digitalisation has touched almost every sector across the globe, its effects on the maritime industry are especially evident, as long-established processes are being transformed with a new wave of data, connectivity and analytics.

Associate Prof Pang speaking with MSBA students

Analysing the Past to Plan the Future
16 March 2022 
— Associate Professor James Pang, Academic Director of the NUS Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme, reveals what he thinks made the programme stand out among others and what it takes to become a leader in the industry of business analytics.

Mathias Egermark

Inaugural Graduation of the NUS Executive Visiting Fellows Programme
14 March 2022 
— NUS SCALE celebrated the graduation of Dr Mathias Egermark, who successfully completed the inaugural NUS Executive Visiting Fellows programme. The NUS Executive Visiting Fellows programme is a distinctive learning and research pathway within NUS, offered to select individuals to deepen their knowledge and proficiencies in a highly customised fashion. 

Digital FinTech

Riding the Fintech Wave and Forging Your Path into New Worlds
3 March 2022 
— Many of us have heard the term fintech (or financial technology in full), but do we really know what it is all about, how it applies to our everyday lives, and—more importantly—what the future holds for this burgeoning industry?

NUS x ST Logistics MOU signing

NUS renews Memorandum of Understanding with ST Logistics to future-proof workforce
22 February 2022 
— The National University of Singapore (NUS) has renewed its 2019 agreement with ST Logistics to continually upskill its workforce through the University’s proprietary All-You-Can-Learn (AYCL) initiative.

Kelvin Chin

After More than a Decade in Consulting, I Went Back to University to prepare for Industry 4.0
8 February 2022 — Kelvin Chin hit the “pause” button on his career after a decade in leading consulting firms. Driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he returned to school, with the NUS MSc in Industry 4.0.

Future Readiness in Industry 4.0

Future Readiness for Companies and Employees in Industry 4.0
28 January 2022 — Industry 4.0 is creating disruption and change, as new technologies are impacting various industries. Will companies be ready for this turn of the wheel when it comes?

Khan Zaid Ahmed

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
21 January 2022 — Khan Zaid Ahmed’s first foray into starting his own business was less than successful. However, he was determined to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations with the NUS MSc in Venture Creation.

Charmaine Ng

Physical to Digital: How a Stolen Wallet Led Her to the FinTech Industry
19 January 2022 — Charmaine Ng’s encounter with a pickpocket prompted her to pursue a career switch, leading her to be awarded a scholarship to study in the NUS MSc in Digital Financial Technology programme.

Tommy Kangdra

Beyond Excel-lence in the Business of Analytics
14 January 2022 — From winning competitions (both international and local) to creating an opportunity for a career switch, find out how Tommy Kangdra has made the most of the NUS Master of Science in Business Analytics. 


Of Buildings and Beings: Making an Impact on the World
3 January 2022 — Prof Chandra Sekhar, a 30-year veteran of the built environment sector, speaks on the focus of sustainability in the industry and how NUS’ MSc in Building Performance and Sustainability keeps up with the times. 

Rachel Sng

From Finance to Analytics: Preparing for a Data Revolution
3 January 2022 — SG:D Scholarship awardee Rachel Sng shares how her working experience in financial analysis led her to the NUS MSc in Business Analytics. Article written in partnership with IMDA.

Nadim Zaro

Getting More by Going All-In-One
20 December 2021 — Nadim’s desire to gain a wide range of real-world knowledge and experiences drove him to travel 7,000km across six time zones to pursue the NUS MSc in Venture Creation.


What Skills Will Matter in the Future?
14 December 2021 — Inaugural Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) says Singapore’s key growth areas will bring about exciting opportunities for jobs and skills.

Chen Wei

Planning a Career Reset in Your 30s? This Civil Engineer Proves It is Possible
16 November 2021 — By age 30, many of us are already quite firmly set in the career paths we have chosen—whether we love our jobs or loathe it.

Yue Ming

Driven by Desire, Supported by Family and a Conducive Workplace
3 November 2021 — The life of a part-time degree student may be challenging, but it can also be filled with memorable moments along the way, and a rewarding future at the end of the academic journey.

National Gallery Singapore

Insights from a Veteran in the Cultural and Creative Industry
1 October 2021 — Curator and lecturer Dr Jaime Hsu shares some insights into the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) sector and the newly launched Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship.

NUS SCALE Human Interest Stories Chris Yap

Analysing Human Capital Gains
14 September 2021 — Learning and Development Manager Chris Yap now has the tools to ensure that his HR department’s processes advance the company’s broader goals, thanks to NUS’ data analytics course.

Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship Thought Leadership Series

Big Data and Decision-making: Balance Offence with Defence
7 September 2021
 — For many centuries, humans were dependent on biofuel as a means to survive. Mankind was consistently on the lookout for a more and more efficient energy source that could sustain our strife towards progress.

Arts, Culture and Creative

Arts, Culture and Creativity in the New Normal
15 September 2021
 — During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, museums, galleries and theatres were the first to close. With vaccination now underway and countries slowly opening up, these venues are the last to open.

Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship Thought Leadership Series

Heritage Studies in a Dynamic Field: Critical Perspectives on a Dialetical Process
28 September 2021
 — Heritage studies is concerned with a highly dynamic field. It comprises a dialectic between critical theories, concepts, and an ever-evolving set of principles and recommendations from international bodies and local regulating entities.


Banking on Data
17 August 2021 
— This IT professional, who has worked in the field of data analytics for five years, continues to hone his skills to deliver greater value to his organisation.

NUS SCALE Human Interest Stories Patricia Lim

Understanding Disruptive Innovation
3 August 2021 
— In a growing tech start-up ecosystem, this venture capital investment associate can now assess start-ups more incisively, thanks to NUS’ Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Non-AI Scientists.

NUS SCALE Human Interest Story MDIS

Advancing in Academia
19 July 2021 
— Learning to manage Big Data for better decision making has helped this Master’s student become a more effective educator, and opened up new career opportunities.

NUS SCALE dnata - Re-imagining aviation through data

Re-Imagining Aviation Through Data
6 July 2021 
— With newfound insights from NUS’ data analytics course, these logistics professionals in the hard-hit aviation sector are braced for clearer skies ahead.


How Three MSc in I4.0 Graduates are Mastering Change
17 June 2021 
—  Newly minted Master of Science in Industry 4.0 (MSc in I4.0) graduates Jonathan Chiang, Wendi Cai and Addison Bain share how a programme focused on the fourth industrial revolution has helped them manage—and even embrace—change. 


With Grit, Determination and Focus: A Journey from N-Levels to a Bachelor’s with Honours
7 May 2021 
— Suhana Bte Saad’s educational journey has surprised her with a few twists and turns. However, it is a path she would gladly walk again, because with every step, she has discovered more about herself, learned valuable lessons and built beautiful relationships.


Reshaping Ideas and Practices in Asia's Next Normal
28 April 2021 
— Universities need to adopt resilient and versatile learning systems, while maintaining high-quality standards of education – that was the consensus of speakers at the recent Temasek Foundation-NUS Programme for Leadership in University Management (TF-NUS PLUM) Southeast Asia Leaders’ Summit. Organised by the NUS Global Relations Office (GRO), the summit was themed “University Leadership in Asia’s Next Normal” and aimed to reshape ideas and practices in higher education, in light of the disruption created by the pandemic.


How the “Little Fix-It Boy” Became a Full-Fledged Professional Engineer
20 April 2021 
— Ezer Sin designs advanced automated equipment for customers across various industries. These customers have high expectations and even higher standards. They want their machines to be efficient, cost-effective and highly reliable, and they trust in Ezer’s expertise to deliver on their stringent requirements.

Dream Big 21Apr

Three Ways to Nurture Female Leadership in a Tech-Dominant Future
26 April 2021 
— It is the twenty-first century, and in an era of relentless technological advancement, technology has pervaded every aspect of modern life, including gender dynamics in the workplace. Putting the spotlight on the dynamic interplay between women, leadership, and technology, a recent webinar brought together four global female leaders to share their insights on their respective journeys in leadership positions in the technology industry, and what they see as the way forward to promoting gender diversity at the leadership level.


FinTech in Singapore: Leveraging on Disruption for a Better Tomorrow
16 March 2021 
— Innovation and automation in the banking and finance sector is nothing new. Calculators (such as counting sticks and the abacus) have been in use for thousands of years. A more recent invention, the automated teller machine (ATM) debuted in the late 1960s.


The Oft-Overlooked Maritime and Ports Sector is Changing — and You can be Part of It
11 February 2021 
— The maritime and ports sector is an integral part of the global supply chain infrastructure, and will probably remain so for some time. Even with the advent of air freight, ocean-going ships have continued to play a prominent role in international trade and commerce. There is simply no more efficient or effective way to transport halfway around the world large, non-perishable goods in bulk. 


The Future of Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
8 February 2021 
— If you have faced difficulty adapting to the many changes that have occurred because of the Digital Revolution, brace yourself — because the next revolution has already made itself felt in the global economy. The fourth industrial revolution, dubbed “Industry 4.0”, will see many of the technologies born in the previous revolution maturing into applications being used throughout manufacturing and supply chain systems and processes. 


Waves of Changes in the Maritime Sector
5 February 2021
— As a young engineering student, Professor Lee Loo Hay could not have expected that he would one day become the Director of the Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).


RCEP Set to Boost Demand for Talents in Asia
29 January 2021
— On 15 November 2020, Singapore and 14 countries, including China, officially signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement, arguably the world's largest ever free trade agreement (FTA).

NUS SCALE course testimonial digital marketing

A Second Chance at a First Love
7 December 2020
— All through school, Stenley loved computers and all-things-IT. Then, like many of us, he “went with the flow” and embarked on multiple non-IT-related careers, before finally finding his way home to his first love.

SCALE With Us - From Writer to Digital Marketer
19 November 2020
— Prior to graduation, Paean Yeo was working part-time as a content writer for a travel agency start-up, where she stumbled into the world of digital marketing. We unfold her journey from an aspiring travel writer to a digital marketer.


Engineering a Digital Transformation
28 October 2020
— As digital transformation takes over every industry, BTech Computing degree holders are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after professionals in any market. Across the globe – and especially in Singapore – a growing number of organisations are looking for experts who can improve their data analytics, security, software development, and more.

Human Interest Story SCALE With Us Finance

SCALE With Us - Finance is for Everyone
26 October 2020
— To remain relevant in the workforce, one has to embrace lifelong learning and develop the skills required to meet new challenges. Lecia Ang and Cassandra Kumar will be sharing their experiences in acquiring new knowledge, and their thoughts on continuous education.

Yong Hwee

The Secret to Being a World-class Pokémon Trainer, Exceptional Student, and Outstanding Engineer
28 October 2020
— From competing in school maths competitions to the Pokémon Video Game World Championships (VGC), Kenny is no stranger to competition. Yet, his first semester at the NUS BTech Engineering degree programme had him reeling – as his results fell behind his peers.


SCALE With Us - Stories From the Data Literate
12 October 2020
— Data literacy is one of the top skills necessary for the current digital era as businesses across all sectors are incorporating data analytics to better manage their operations. NUS fresh graduates, Tan Jun Wei and Zan Yeow, will be sharing their journey towards becoming data literate.

sgus orientation 1

NUS SGUnited Skills Programme e-Orientation

28 August 2020 — NUS SCALE welcomed its inaugural cohort of SGUnited Skills Programme students in a virtual orientation on 25 August 2020. The students are enrolled in two NUS SGUnited Skills Programmes: the programme in 5D BIM for Built Environment Professionals, as well as the one in Manufacturing Robotics and Automation.

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Human Resources 

22 May 2020 – Regardless of rank or role, work has altered for the entire workforce with Covid-19. Human resource practitioners have kept businesses going by swiftly reorganising workers. Dr Amirhassan Monajemi will be sharing on how technology has enabled this transition and how it continues to drive strategic human resource management.


New Advance@NUS pathway admits working adults into full-time undergraduate degree programmes based on work experience

2 March 2020 – Working adults who have rich professional experience but do not have a university degree will now have an opportunity to gain admission into selected full-time undergraduate degree programmes offered by NUS.


NUS SCALE collaborates with SEED Institute and ESU to boost early childhood sector

10 January 2020 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has signed an MOU with SEED Institute and the Education Services Union (ESU) to promote lifelong learning and talent development for Singapore’s early childhood educators.


Making sense of data

5 January 2020 – Professor Zhang Louxin, Academic Director of the MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning, shares who this programme is for, what students will learn and the opportunities that they can look forward to upon graduation.


The NUS MSc in Industry 4.0: an interdisciplinary graduate degree for the digital economy

19 November 2019 – To support Singapore’s drive towards becoming a Smart Nation, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has specifically developed the Master of Science (MSc) in Industry 4.0.


Finance is everyone's business

11 October 2019 – “Accounting and finance is the language of business”, says famed investor and businessman Warren Buffett. And indeed, finance is everybody’s business, as the actions of all have an impact on the organisation’s bottom line.


NUS SCALE forms Company Training Committee with two subsidiaries of WIS Holdings

22 August 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has signed an agreement with the subsidiaries of leading services provider WIS Holdings – Weishen Industrial Services and Campaign Complete Solutions – to form a Company Training Committee (CTC).


NUS SCALE appoints new Dean and Deputy Dean

15 January 2020 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has appointed Professors Susanna Leong and Peter Ho respectively as Dean and Deputy Dean.


It's back to school for growing number of NUS alumni

6 January 2020 – Applications for the NUS Lifelong Learners programme has increased steadily since its launch in August 2018. The University received 1,980 applications in AY2019/2020, almost a four-fold increase from the 550 applications received in AY2018/2019.


The NUS MSc in Venture Creation: immersive experiential learning at Asia’s top university

2 December 2019 – Designed to transform mindsets and accelerate ideas into solutions, the Master of Science (MSc) in Venture Creation by the National University of Singapore (NUS) is a graduate degree that combines experiential learning with academic rigour.


NUS SCALE organises a public breakfast talk on the future of work

16 November 2019 – What is the future of work? And what is the future of learning? These were the questions posed to an expert line-up of speakers at a breakfast talk organised by NUS SCALE.


NUS SCALE, IES and NTUC host dialogue session with Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean as part of the Global Engineers Leadership Programme

9 October 2019 – NUS SCALE, the Institution of Engineers Singapore and NTUC have jointly held a dialogue session with Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean for participants of the inaugural Global Engineers Leadership Programme (GELP).


NUS SCALE partners with the Singapore Retailers Association to boost local retail sector

16 August 2019 – In its latest industry collaboration, the NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has joined forces with the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) to uplift the retail sector in Singapore.

Btech Orientation 020819-5763

Optimism courses through Aug 2019 NUS BTech cohort

13 August 2019 – Confidence was a common thread running through the new NUS BTech cohort from Aug 2019.


NUS SCALE to future-proof CapitaLand workforce with suite of digital learning programmes

14 August 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) will offer a range of digital courses to upskill CapitaLand employees to be digital-savvy and future-ready.


Students of inaugural NUS MSc Industry 4.0 programme intake share common goal of shaping the future

02 August 2019 – Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, and the students of the inaugural NUS MSc Industry 4.0 programme want to be ready to tackle the uncertainties that may come with the next industrial revolution.



NUS SCALE ramps up its industry engagement with bumper crop of agreements to uplift workforce

24 July 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has teamed up with six industry partners to upskill its members with the knowledge and skills for the digital economy.


NUS and SkillsFuture Singapore host learning festival to promote continuous and lifelong learning

24 July 2019 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) have come together to organise SkillsFuture Festival@NUS, a learning festival which seeks to inspire Singaporeans to develop a passion for skills mastery.

YED 01

NUS SCALE gathers 100 eco advocates to make sustainability a reality at Youth Ecosperity Dialogue

2 July 2019 – The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Those wise words of renowned polar explorer Robert Swan was what motivated 100 tertiary students from across Asia to participate in this year’s Youth Ecosperity Dialogue (YED).


CII and NUS SCALE collaborate to develop talent for Industry 4.0

7 June 2019 – The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education at the National University of Singapore (NUS SCALE) signed a MoU to jointly create a robust, future-ready manufacturing ecosystem in India, and subsequently enhance the overall competitiveness in relevant sectors in both India and Singapore.

NUS SCALE signs MOU with Sembwaste and BATU to upskill workers in the waste management industry

NUS SCALE signs MOU with Sembwaste and BATU to upskill workers in the waste management industry

6 June 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has partnered with Sembwaste and the Building Construction and Timber Industries Employees’ Union in the formation of the first Company Training Committee (CTC) for the waste management industry.

acca 3

NUS SCALE teams up with ACCA for lifelong learning and talent development

14 May 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has partnered with leading global accountancy body ACCA to promote thought leadership in lifelong learning and talent development for the professional services industry.

NUS SCALE Partners with CPG Facilities Management and BATU for upskilling in the facilities management industry

NUS SCALE partners with CPG Facilities Management and BATU for upskilling in the facilities management industry

18 April 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) has teamed up with CPG Facilities Management and the Building Construction and Timber Industries Union to form a Company Training Committee (CTC) which will help upskill workers in the facilities management industry.


NUS partners DSTA for the NUS All-You-Can-Learn programme 

6 March 2019 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a project agreement with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) for the NUS All-You-Can-Learn (NUS AYCL) programme.

NUS SCALE organises breakfast talk for SingHealth senior executives

19 February 2019 – The NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) ran an exclusive breakfast talk for about 40 senior management members of the SingHealth cluster.

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NUS collaborates with ST Logistics to future-proof workforce

31 January 2019 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed an agreement with ST
Logistics to upskill its workforce through the NUS All-You-Can-Learn (NUS AYCL) training model, a skills-based programme for employers.

NUS collaborates with Korn Ferry on consultancy and training services

23 January 2019 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) has teamed up with global organisational consulting firm Korn Ferry to provide consultancy and training services to the general public.
NUS partners with TÜV SÜD to boost national Industry 4.0 capabilities
23 January 2019 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with leading testing, certification, auditing and advisory company TÜV SÜD to provide consultancy and training services on Industry 4.0.
4 December 2018 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) and DSO National Laboratories have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the competencies of the research and development organisation’s workforce. 
NUS teams up with IES to secure the future for Engineers
30 November 2018 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) is collaborating with the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) to better prepare the Singapore engineering workforce for the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) future ahead.
NUS and ST Engineering partner to develop future-technology capabilities
23 November 2018 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) and ST Engineering inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 23 November 2018 to shape a series of continuous education and training programmes in digital and future technologies over three years. 
NUS and Keppel O&M sign MOU to promote continuous education and training
23 November 2018 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote continuous education and training within the organisation.
NUS SCALE hosts its largest cohort of UAE students for innovation programme
8 August 2018 – NUS SCALE has hosted the largest United Arab Emirates (UAE) student delegation to Singapore for an immersive learning experience on innovation, enterprise and culture.
NUS SCALE welcomes BTech and SpC students of August 2018 intake
3 August 2018 – NUS SCALE organised an orientation session for its newest cohort of Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and Specialist Certificate (SpC) students for the August 2018 intake.
2 July 2018 – NUS SCALE has held its first executive education programme on Industry 4.0 for foreign academics.
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