Advance@NUS is an admissions pathway for adult learners to earn their first Bachelor’s Degree as full-time undergraduates. The selection process for Advance@NUS focuses on professional experience rather than academic qualifications. This pathway allows adults who have rich professional experience to broaden their knowledge base and skills, and improve their future career prospects. NUS welcomes the experience, maturity and motivation of adult learners who add to the rich diversity of our campus.

Applicants with polytechnic diplomas admitted to a 3- or 4-year programme may be granted Advanced Placement Credits in relevant courses for up to a maximum of 40 Units, which is equivalent to one year of undergraduate study.

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The programmes offered under the Advance@NUS for undergraduate admission Academic Year 2024/2025 are listed below.

School of Business

College of Design and Engineering

College of Humanities and Sciences

School of Computing

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Applicants must:   
  1. be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR); and,
  2. NOT already have a bachelor's degree; and,
  3. be at least 25 years old in the year of matriculation; OR,
  4. have at least 4 years of full-time working experience (including National Service) as of 1 July in the year of matriculation.


  • You may additionally submit any of the following information, if you believe it will be advantageous to your application:
    • Evidence of additional post-diploma academic preparation, including the advanced diploma, specialist diploma, IB Diploma and SAT I Test.
  • You may be required to sit for an entrance test for further assessment, undergo a bridging / refresher course, or be interviewed. If this is the case, the admission team will notify you by email.


There is only one intake and one application period for each Academic Year (AY).


Application Dates

August (Semester 1) 

Dec of preceding year to Feb of intake year 

Please refer to the Admission Timeline for more details.

Instructions on how to apply to one of the full-time undergraduate degree programmes offered under the Advance@NUS scheme are as follows:

Before applying, you are encouraged watch a video on Tips for Completing Your Application here. The content of the video is specially curated to guide the applicant on ways to complete the application.

Step 1 - Apply online
Apply by submitting an electronic application form via the Advance@NUS Application Portal during the application window.

You may apply to only ONE of the bachelor's degree programmes offered.

In your application, you will be required to furnish the following:

  1. Personal Particulars
  2. Professional Qualifications
  3. Personal Statements
  4. Referees' Information
    • Names and contact information of two (2) referees who are willing to complete a reference for you.
    • One of them must be a current or previous supervisor, and the other can be a supervisor or co-worker.
  5. Academic Qualifications

It is important to provide a valid email address and to check your email regularly as we will correspond with you via email only.


Step 2 - Upload supporting documents
You are required to upload your supporting documents to the Application Portal before submitting your application.

Files must be in PDF format, and not exceed 1.5MB in size. 

Supporting Documents Required  Singapore

a) NRIC / 11B

  • Copy of front and back is required

b) Re-entry Permit

N.A. Y

c) Passport

  • Copy of passport biodata page is required
N.A. Y

d) National Service (NS) Documents

  • Completion of NS liability (i.e. ORD)
    Certificate of Service (COS) / Service transcript is required.


  • Exemption from NS liability
    The exemption letter from MINDEF is required.

  • For full-time national servicemen who are currently serving NS:
    • A letter from MINDEF with expected date of completion of service is required.
      (Note: You must have completed your NS before the semester starts)
  • For regular servicemen or servicewomen:
    • A letter from MINDEF with the expected date of completion of service is required.

e) Certification on current employment

  • A letter from the HR/Head of Department (HOD) is required.
    The letter must be printed on company letterhead and be endorsed by the HR or HOD with the company stamp.
    It should be dated not more than 3 months from the application date and the following details must be included:
      • Your current position / title
      • Your date of commencement at the current place of employment (DD/MM/YYYY)

Note: For any system-generated letter, endorsement by the HR or HOD with company stamp is still required.                          


The CPF Yearly Statements with your name, month and year of contribution, and company name indicated. The whole employment period is required.

(Note: This is applicable to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents.)

f) Certification on Previous Job Position

A letter from the previous company is required.
The letter must be printed on company letterhead and be endorsed by the HR or HOD with the company stamp. The dates of joining and leaving (DD/MM/YYYY) must be indicated in the letter.


The CPF Yearly Statements with your name, month and year of contribution, and company name indicated. The whole employment period is required.

(Note: This is applicable to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents.)

g) Diploma transcript and scroll
  • Copy of front and back is required, including the legend / grading system.

h) GCE 'A' Level Result / STPM Result / Advanced Diploma Transcript and Scroll / Specialist Diploma Transcript and Scroll / Industrial Trade Certificate / Degree Transcript / SAT / TOEFL / IELTS (if any)

  • Copy of front and back is required, including the legend / grading system.

i) Information on withdrawal from previous degree programme studied (if any)

You are required to provide the official withdrawal letter and the transcript for courses that you have completed. If you have withdrawn from a local university, you are also required to provide the official documents from the university with the following information:

  • Name
  • NRIC
  • Programme enrolled
  • Date of admission
  • Date of withdrawal/dismissal
  • Number of course units/credits required to graduate (inclusive of exemption upon admission)
  • Number of course units/credits granted as exemption upon admission
  • Number of course units/credits eligible to enjoy TFS at start of programme (for programme & buffer for failed and repeat courses)
  • Number of course units/credits consumed so far (for programme & buffer for failed and repeat courses)


  • Any documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • Any inaccurate, false or incomplete information will render your application invalid. Persons admitted based on such information may be expelled or required to withdraw from the University.

    Step 3 - Pay the application fee

    The application fee is $54.00 (including 8% GST).
    The application fee is $54.50 (including 9% GST, with effect from 1 Jan 2024).

    After submitting your online application, you will be directed to the online payment portal to pay your application fee.

    Please note that your application will be processed only after you have paid your application fee. We will send an e-receipt to your registered email to confirm your payment.

    The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Available online payment methods are: Credit / Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX); or, Alipay; or, PayNow.    


August intake


December to February

Application period

March to April

Release of application outcome

March to May

Bridging / Refresher Course; or, Entrance Test; or, Interviews 

 Early June  Release of application outcome (after entrance examinations and/or interview)


Pre-enrolment activities and Incoming Students Registration Matters*


*Please refer to section 'Acceptance and Registration Information' for more information.


Verification exercise of documents submitted online.

Second week of August

Start of Semester 1


  • The above timeline is an estimation and may be subject to change at our discretion.
  • You will be notified by email once the application outcome is ready.
  • You are will able to access your application outcome on the Advance@NUS Application Portal. This is also where you can accept the admission offer. You may refer to the section 'Acceptance and Registration Information' for instructions on acceptance and registration as a student.
  • After accepting your admission offer, you will be asked to produce original hard-copies of your documents for verification purposes.


Tuition Fees

Please click here for information on fees for full-time undergraduate programmes.

Financial Aid

For more information on Financial Aid, please click here.


Conditions of Offer

Your admission to NUS is subject to the requirements found

First-Year Registration Matters


Period / Date

Instructions / Remarks

Accepting the Admission Offer & Submitting Photograph for Student Card

As stated on portal

Students may accept their admission offer via the Advance@NUS Application Portal, and upload a recent passport photo for their student card. Please click here to check the photograph submission requirement.


(Part One)

Early July

Admitted students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office ( when it is time to proceed with Registration (Part One).

Registration Guide will be available here at the end of May.

Deadline for Pre-Admission Medical Examination

End September

Please refer to University Health Centre’s website for instructions on how to make an appointment for your pre-admission medical examination.

Note: You must accept the admission offer before scheduling your appointment.


(Part Two)


End July

Your NUS student card will be mailed to you before the start of the semester. You will need it in order to complete of Registration (Part Two) online.

Registering for the Qualifying English Test (QET)

Early July or late November

Students are required to sit for the QET. Registration information is available here.

Course Registration

End July

Students who have completed Registration (Part One) may enrol in classes via the Course Registration platform with the Education Records System (ModReg@EduRec).


If you wish to withdraw from NUS after completion of Registration (Part One) but have yet to complete Registration (Part Two), please write to the with your reason(s) for withdrawal.

If you wish to withdraw from NUS after completion of Registration (Part Two – Student Card Activation), please complete and submit your withdrawal application via EduRec (refer to user guide at before the second Instructional week to avoid fee liability. An email confirming your withdrawal from the University will be sent to you within 2 weeks after receiving your withdrawal application via EduRec.

Any student who registers for courses and subsequently withdraws from the University after the 2nd instructional week of the semester or the 1st instructional week of the Special Term is liable to pay full fees for that semester or Special Term.

NUS Code of Student Conduct & NUS Student Data Protection Policy

Students are required to adhere to the NUS Student Code of Conduct as well as University rules and regulations which can be found here.

Financial Matters


Period / Date

Instructions / Remarks


  • Tuition Grant
  • Tuition Fees
  • Miscellaneous Student Fees
  • Tuition Fee Policy
  • Fee Payment Procedures
  • Late and Partial Payment Penalties
  • Refund Policy
  • Financial Assistance

Not Applicable

Please click here for more information.

Application for Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy by MENDAKI

1 June to 30 July

Please click here for more information.

Application for use of CPF savings under Education Scheme

27 June to 27 July

Please click here for more information.

Course & Special Programme Information by Faculties

Please click here for more information.

Student Housing & Transport


Period / Date

Instructions / Remarks

Application for NUS Hostels


i) Halls

ii) Residences

iii) Residential Colleges


Application Periods


Dates will be available on the respective websites

i), ii)

Please click here for application portal.

Please click here for application guide.



Please click here for UTCP information.

Please click here for RVRC application process.

Application for Undergraduate Concession Card for local travel


Please click here for more information.

Student Season Parking

Date available on the Student Services website.

Please click here for more information.


Relevant Administrative Departments

Please click here for more information.



NUS Merit Scholarships

We have a limited number of NUS Merit Scholarships for Advance@NUS students who  exhibit outstanding professional experience and leadership qualities . 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  1. Be Singapore Citizens.
  2. Have strong leadership qualities and potential.
  3. Have good professional background.
  4. Demonstrate strong interest in programme and ability to overcome adversity and obstacles.
  5. Be applying for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme at NUS via Advance@NUS.

 Scholarship Benefits

  1. Tuition fees (after MOE Tuition Grant subsidy).
  2. S$6,000.00 annual living allowance.
  3. S$2,000.00 one-time computer allowance upon enrolment.
  4. Guaranteed offer of a 1-semester Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with one of NUS’ overseas partner universities.
  5. Guaranteed offers of on-campus accommodation for the first 2 years of undergraduate studies, provided the Scholar submits a complete hostel admission application every year within the prescribed application period, and fulfils NUS’s eligibility criteria for NUS on-campus accommodation. This guarantee applies only to the halls of residence and student residences, and not to the residential colleges.
  6. Scholarship is bond-free. 

 Terms & Conditions

  1. The NUS Merit Scholarship is offered to full-time undergraduate students and is tenable for the normal candidature period.
  2. Award recipient(s) should not be concurrent holders of other scholarship, fellowship, bursary, grant, award or allowance without prior approval from the University.
  3. The scholarship will be monitored and renewed every semester provided the scholar maintains a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.5 (or equivalent) and good conduct.
  4. Scholars will be required to take part in community involvement programmes or projects deemed appropriate and/or as requested by the University.
  5. If the scholar decides to withdraw from the University and/or terminate the scholarship prematurely, the University reserves the right to impose repayment of all scholarship monies disbursed to the scholar.

 Shortlisting & Awarding Process

  1. All Advance@NUS applicants will be considered automatically for the scholarship through their applications for admission.
  2. Applicants will be assessed based on the strength of their applications.
  3. Applicants will be informed of the scholarship outcomes by late June.
  4. NUS reserves the right not to award any scholarship if there are no candidates of sufficient merit. The decision of the selection committee is final. Enquiries or disputes surrounding its decisions will not be entertained.

For more information on other Scholarships, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Advance@NUS FAQs can be found here. We update them from time to time.


If you still have questions, please contact us.


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