Programme Fees

Certificate Courses

Fees payable for the individual modules that can be taken under the Certificate Courses are published here. You are expected to take note of the following terms and conditions for SSG approved courses:

  1. The following circumstances will render a student ineligible for SSG funding:

    • Failure to fulfil a minimum attendance of 75% for the course;
    • Premature withdrawal from the course;
    • Failure to pass all prescribed coursework, examinations and/or assessments for the course.


  2. SSG will only fund a module once for each eligible student and in the event you have to retake a module, you will not be eligible for SSG funding again.

  3. Should a learner be rendered ineligible for SSG funding, NUS may proceed to clawback the grant from the learner. He/she may be rebilled the full fees for the course.

  4. If there are insufficient funds in the student’s SkillsFuture Credit account, student will be liable to pay for the shortfall in fees.

  5. Credit/grade transfer of any SSG-funded module to a MOE-subsidised Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree is not allowed if the module is taken whilst being enrolled in the Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree

  6. Credit/grade transfer of any SSG-funded module taken and subsequently requesting to be stacked to a MOE-subsidised Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree is subject to approval of the Faculty/School and MOE

  7. Upon successful completion of the Certificate courses within a three-year period, contact SCALE for certification.

Apart from tuition fees, students will have to pay a nominal Student Services Fee every regular semester, except Special Term.

(All fees quoted here are exclusive of prevailing GST, unless otherwise stated. The University reserves all rights to review fees as necessary and adjust accordingly without prior notice.)

02 March 2023