In today’s unpredictable job market, the Master of Science (Industry 4.0) Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP) aims to upscale the employability of National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate students by equipping them with additional skills, ranging from the use of complex technology platforms to different ways of working and interacting with future colleagues. The CDP also aims to develop versatile graduates who can tackle significant problems that are interdisciplinary in nature by adopting technologies to realise the potential of Industry 4.0. In pairing with the MSc (Industry 4.0) degree programme, current and innovative elements of Industry 4.0 will be interweaved into the traditional ambit of an undergraduate education.


The 180 Units needed for the NUS MSc (Industry 4.0) CDP may be completed in the following manner:

MSc (Industry 4.0): 40 Units
  • 20 Units of Core Courses
    Up to 20 Units of core courses may be double-counted toward the Unrestricted Electives (UE) in the Undergraduate (UG) degree
  • 20 Units of Elective Courses
    At least 8 Units from approved MSc (Industry 4.0) listing of elective courses counted toward completion of one Graduate Certificate.
UG Degree: at least 140 Units


Year of Study UG Courses MSc (Industry 4.0) Courses
Year 1, Semester 1 (1st Sem) 20 Units -
Year 1, Semester 2 (2nd Sem) 20 Units -
Year 2, Semester 1 (3rd Sem) 20 Units -
Year 2, Semester 2 (4th Sem) 20 Units -
Year 3, Semester 1 (5th Sem) 20 Units -
Year 3, Semester 2 (6th Sem) 20 Units -
Year 4, Semester 1 (7th Sem)
20 Units 4 Units of Core Courses
Year 4, Semester 2 (8th Sem) 4 Units (year-long Honours Thesis course, if any) 8 Units of Core Courses
8 Units of Elective Courses
Year 5, Semester 1 (9th Sem) 8 Units of Core Courses
12 Units of Elective Courses


The maximum candidature for the CDP will add at most two regular semesters to the normal candidate period of 9 regular semesters.


Only NUS undergraduate students may apply to the MSc (Industry 4.0) CDP. To establish admissibility to the programme, a student must:
  1. Inform his/her original Faculty/School/College before applying to the programme
  2. Achieve an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 4.0 for his/her undergraduate degree at point of application
  3. Have completed at least 80 Units towards his/her undergraduate degree programme, of which at least 40 Units must be from courses counted towards his/her undergraduate major(s)
  4. Perform well in an interview
  5. Apply before the 7th semester in his/her undergraduate degree


Students can choose to leave the CDP, or be asked to leave the programme if:
  1. His/her GPA for both the undergraduate and the MSc (Industry 4.0) degree falls below 3.50 for any two consecutive semesters, from his/her second semester of study onwards;
  2. He/she fails any MSc (Industry 4.0) core course twice; or
  3. He/she fails three or more MSc (Industry 4.0) core courses.
Upon completing all programme requirements, students will receive a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) and an MSc (Industry 4.0) Degree.


Students will, in principle, pay the prevailing undergraduate tuition fees for the Bachelor's Degree programme and pay the prevailing graduate tuition fees when they embark on the Master's Degree programme

However, in any given transition semester where a CDP student is concurrently enrolled in MSc (Industry 4.0) course(s) and course(s) counting solely towards his/her undergraduate degree, the student will pay:

  • The prevailing Master’s Degree programme fees (on per Unit basis) only if the course(s) taken to count solely towards the undergraduate degree is < 8 Units.
  • The prevailing Master’s Degree programme fees (on per Unit basis) AND undergraduate degree programme fees if the course(s) taken to count solely towards the undergraduate degree is > 8 Units.
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