Placemaking Contract Management

Course Reference No: TGS-2022012332

This course is part of the Professional Development in Placemaking. Click here to find out more about the Professional Development in Placemaking

Course Objectives

Participants will discuss the legal principles relevant to the practice of place management in Singapore including a brief introduction to land law and legal aspects in relation to township management; public/building maintenance; strata management; building control and occupational safety; fire safety; torts and selected contracts.

Participants will focus each day on the various topics below. Each topic will include sub-topics elaborating the legal principles in placemaking applications:

  • Essentials of Contract Law 1 (Day 1)
  • Essentials of Contract Law 2 (Day 2)
  • Dispute Management (Day 3)
  • Dispute Protocols (Day 3)
  • FM Contracts (Day 4)
  • Tort Occupier’s Liability (Day 5)
  • Case studies (Day 5)

The objective of the course is to empower course participants with the knowledge of the different contract/ dispute management processes available in the Place Management and how to apply them so that impacts to a project due to disputes will be minimized.

It seeks to equip place managers and allied professionals to acquire the following knowledge and skills:
(a) recognition of when an issue in a project becomes a dispute
(b) application of the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the different dispute management processes.

As different dispute management processes are supported by law, with the acquisition of the skills mentioned, a professional would be able to understand and carry out the contractual and statutory obligations and also assert his/her rights. Such compliance with contractual and statutory obligations will result in good management and prompt completion of the project while maintaining the working relationship between project parties.

Who Should Attend

Place, facility, community event managers, developers.


Degree or Advanced Diploma in any discipline.

Mode of Training



The Board of Architects (BOA) – Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) is an accredited provider for Professional Development in Placemaking for SIA members. 

Participants are required to meet the terms and conditions in order to qualify for the CPD points. .  



Associate Professor Gabriel KOR is a Singapore-qualified lawyer with a combined experience of about two decades in construction, legal, and teaching practice. He graduated with B.Sc. (Building) and LL.B. degrees from the National University of Singapore and a LL.M. Commercial and Corporate Law degree from the University of London. Prof Gabriel has had experience as a quantity surveyor, site engineer, lawyer, in-house corporate legal counsel, and professor. He has worked in the public sector, construction, government procurement, agribusiness, energy, defence, engineering, and information and communications technology sectors. Prof Gabriel teaches legal topics related to the built environment sector including contracts, facilities management law, dispute management, and Building Information Modelling. As an educator, Prof Gabriel is passionate about teaching and has been a recipient of teaching excellence awards in NUS for three consecutive years. In class, Prof Gabriel enjoys interacting with his trainees and students because learning is a two-way process.


  • 4 to 8 September 2023
  • 2 to 6 September 2024


5 Days
9.00am to 5.30pm


National University of Singapore
University Town

International Participants


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Singapore Citizens
(39 yrs old or younger) 


Singapore PRs


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Singapore Citizens
(40 yrs or older)


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Total Nett Programme Fee, Incl. GST,
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S$5,670.00 S$1,701.00 S$651.00 S$1,701.00 S$651.00

Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs eligible for the SSG grant must attain at least 75% training attendance and passed all prescribed assessments.

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18 April 2023