BTech Engineering Bridging Unit (BEBU) in  Introductory Engineering Mathematics 



  • Introduce Matrices, Vectors and Complex Numbers with Engineering Applications.

  • Introduce Limits, Differentiation and Integration with Engineering Applications. 


  • Fundamental topics – algebra, angles, trigonometric functions and identities, quadratic equations, inequality.

  • Matrices – terminology, addition & subtraction, multiplication, inversion, types of matrices, simultaneous equations.

  • Vectors – terminology, addition & subtraction, components of a vector, scalar product, vector product, vectors in coordinate geometry.

  • Partial Fractions – quadratic denominators with distinct roots, quadratic denominators with repeated roots, cubic denominators.

  • Complex Numbers – definition, addition, subtract, multiplication, division, Argand diagram, polar form, exponential form.

  • Limits and continuity – Limits of functions and sequences, types of limits, the sandwich theorem, evaluation of limits, continuity of functions, property of continuous functions.

  • Derivatives – Derivatives, differentiability, rules and properties. Differentiation of transcendental functions. Higher-order derivatives. Implicit differentiation. Indeterminate form, L'Hopital's rule. Curve sketching, extreme values and points of inflection. Curve tracing and function behavior.

  • Integration – Integration as antidifferentiation. Fundamental theorem of calculus. Basic rules of integration, integration of polynomial, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. Inverse functions. Integration by substitution, integration by parts.

  • Functions of Several Variables – Geometric interpretation, continuity, partial derivatives, chain rule.

  • Engineering applications.  

  • Four Assignments: 20%

  • Final Examination: 80%
02 October 2019