BTech Engineering Bridging Unit (BEBU) in Physical Principles in Engineering



  • Apply principles of thermodynamics in analyzing non-flow and flow processes.

  • Analyse heat transfer processes

  • Introduce electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic waves as applied in Engineering


  • Energy Equation and Its applications - Application of First Law to control volume. Derivation of steady flow energy equation. Application to simple flow processes.

  • Introduction to Basic Heat Transfer - Mechanisms of heat transfer in conduction, convection and radiation. One-dimensional steady heat conduction in plane, cylindrical and spherical systems. Concept of thermal network analysis. Convective heat transfer. Heat transfer coefficient. Non dimensional groups in convection. Convective boundary condition. Overall heat transfer coefficient. Simple transient heat transfer analysis. Combined modes of heat transfer.

  • The Electric Field- Electric Charge. Coulomb’s Law of Forces between Charges. Charge Distributions. Electric potential V and relationship to E. Concept of Electric Flux and Electric Flux Density D. Gauss’ Law. Polarisation and Conduction. Capacitance. Resistance. The Magnetic Field- Magnetic Field due to currents. Biot-Savart’s Law. Ampere’s Law. Force on Moving electric charges. Force between parallel currentcarrying conductors.

  • Electromagnetic Induction- Faraday’s Law of Induction. Electromotive Force (EMF).
    Lenz’s Law. Energy stored in the magnetic field. Inductance. Electrodynamics – Fields
    and Waves- Displacement current correction to Ampere’s Law. Maxwell’s Equations.
    One-Dimensional Wave equation. Plane Waves as simplest solutions. Energy Transport
    by Waves.


  • Tests/Quizzes: 10%

  • Others (e.g. Projects, assignments, homework, class participation): 15%

  • Final Examination: 75% 
15 July 2021