Executive Certificates

The Executive Certificate courses are offered on a part-time basis for working adults who wish to plug their knowledge gap and stay relevant by keeping abreast of the latest technological developments.

Each Executive Certificate can generally be completed within one semester (i.e. approximately 4-5 months) and is equivalent to 4 units.

Units attained through completion of Executive Certificate courses can be stacked towards the fulfilment of the related Certificates/Specialist Certificates (i.e. Cert Programme in Engineering) and Bachelor of Technology degree programmes.

Engineering Executive Certificates

The list of Engineering Executive Certificates with their Semester of Offer is as follows:

Executive Certificate in Semester of Offer
 1. Chemical Engineering Principles (TCN1111) January 
 2. Heat and Mass Transfer (TCN2125) January 
 3. Particle Technology (TCN3124) January 
 4. Probability and Statistics (TIE2020) January 
 5. Engineering Economy (TIE2140) January 
 6. Global Sourcing & Supply Management (TSC3222) January 
 7. Distribution & Warehousing (TSC3224) August 
 8. Engineering Mathematics I (TTG1401)  August / January
 9. Advanced Mathematics for Engineers (TEE2003)  August / January
 10. Engineering Mathematics II (TEE2002)  August / January
 11. Engineering Mathematics II (TME2401)  August / January
 12. Fluid Mechanics (TCN2122)  August
 13. Electronic Circuits (TEE2027)  August
 14. Oil & Gas Technology (OT5102)  August

  1. Check course details here (e.g. timetable, pre-requisites, SSG funding, units, lab/non-lab).
  2. Semester of offer may be subject to changes.
  3. Click here for the list of related Certificate/Specialist Certificates which these Executive Certificates can be stacked towards.
  4. The Executive Certificate course may not be offered if there is insufficient number of applicants who have registered for it.


Programme Fees

Course Type Course Fees
Non-Lab Based S$4,200.00 (excluding GST) 
Lab Based S$4,600.00 (excluding GST) 

Apart from tuition fees, students will have to pay a nominal Student Services Fee every regular semester.

(The University reserves all rights to review fees as necessary and adjust accordingly without prior notice.)

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have at least GCE ‘A’ Levels or Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent qualifications.

For programmes that have NUS courses as pre-requisites, candidates with relevant work experience or other qualifications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Programme Structure

Executive Certificates courses are offered in the evenings on a part-time basis during regular semesters.

Individuals who are admitted to Executive Certificates courses will join the BTech degree students in the same class, participate in academic activities (e.g. lectures, tutorials or laboratory activities) and complete necessary assessments (e.g. continual assessments and final exam if any) as required. Each Executive Certificate is to be taken on a graded basis.

Individuals will be awarded a Certificate of Competence if they complete the course with at least a “C” grade. If they complete the course with a grade below “C”, they will be issued a Certificate of Participation.

Application for Admission

You may apply to read the Executive Certificate course(s) by submitting your application for admission via the NUS Online Application Portal.

Application opens in early May to early June (for August intake - Semester 1) and early October to early November (for January intake - Semester 2) each year.


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For enquiries, please contact us at cpe.scale@nus.edu.sg.

19 May 2023