Banking on Data


This IT professional, who has worked in the field of data analytics for five years, continues to hone his skills to deliver greater value to his organisation.

17 August 2021 — As big data and data warehouses continue to grow and evolve, so too has the role of data analytics in all aspects of an organisation’s operations - from guiding business strategy to driving product development.

Determined to stay well-versed with the latest tools of the trade, IT professional Kenneth Lee enrolled in the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Data Analytics for Managers course. The one-day programme teaches powerful open source analytics tools and best practices required in the establishment of a data analytics team and is suitable for those with IT project development, architecture or management experience.

Lee, who works as a data analytics lead at OCBC’s IT Project Office, found the course curriculum particularly relevant to his work, which involves designing and developing project performance metrics and dashboards. He was eager to enhance his company’s technological capabilities.

“Besides the practical sessions, the course instructors shared feedback on their experience with the data analytics tools. With that, I was able to provide my manager with a comparative assessment of the tools that best fit our needs,” he said.

Lee has made quick work of applying techniques and concepts taught during the hands-on course to his job.

“After the course, I conducted a short session to share what I’d learnt with my teammates, and subsequently headed a mini business intelligence workshop. It has definitely ignited curiosity among my colleagues, and I’m happy to share that we will soon hold our first dashboard presentation competition,” he said. 

Besides teaching new skills, NUS courses provide exciting networking opportunities. “I had a rare opportunity to interact with people who work with data in different industries, and to trade insights on the unique challenges we face. NUS courses have broadened my perspective and shown me how versatile data analytics can be,” he concluded.

17 August 2021