Understanding Disruptive Innovation

NUS SCALE Human Interest Stories Patricia Lim

In a growing tech start-up ecosystem, this venture capital investment associate can now assess start-ups more incisively, thanks to NUS’ Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Non-AI Scientists.

3 August 2021 — Patricia Lim, an investment associate at Singtel Group’s venture capital arm Singtel Innov8, has her finger on the pulse of the tech start-up scene - which continues to thrive in the face of the pandemic.

“My line of work involves scouting for technology companies and performing due diligence in assessing their investment potential,” she said.

Because her work requires navigating an ever-evolving landscape of promising technologies, Lim sought a deeper understanding of AI’s applications. The recent graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS), who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, decided to use her NUS Resilience and Growth virtual voucher - given to the university’s graduating classes of 2020 and 2021 - to enrol in the Professional Certificate in AI & Machine Learning Basics (fka Artificial Intelligence for Non-AI Scientists).

The six-day certificate addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of AI, making the subject accessible to learners who do not have a deep technical background. It comprises four different segments: an introduction to AI and machine learning, Octave programming for AI, machine learning and data analytics.

For Lim, who specialises in marketing, the programme helped her to become better versed in a technology increasingly harnessed by start-ups. “The course gave me a better understanding of the various types of AI and machine learning methods and applications. It also improved my computational thinking, which is important for problem solving,” she shared.

The course also demystified technical jargon and helped her to make informed evaluations of tech ventures. “The instructors were able to explain the complexities of AI in simpler, less technical terms. They also encouraged active participation to make the classes more engaging,” she said.

Lim is an advocate of continuous learning and professional development, which she views as key to staying relevant in today’s world. “I believe we should make time to learn new things outside of our specialisation, to broaden our perspectives and connect lessons to understand business challenges in their full complexity,” she asserted. “People of my generation grew up with technology and are tech-savvy, globally connected and well-informed on the latest news, trends and issues. I am hopeful that we will develop new technologies and innovative business models to make the world a more creative and exciting place,” she concluded.

27 January 2023