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Course Participant: Paean Yeo

19 November 2020 — Paean Yeo graduated from NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with a degree in English Literature and Film Studies.

Her passion for writing and aspiration to be a travel writer led her to take on the role of a content writer at a travel start-up, Uniq Luxe Travel. When COVID-19 hit, her company had to “take a step back from producing content” to focus on “improving audience outreach” instead. To better support the company’s new direction, Paean decided to learn more about digital marketing. She took up the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing offered by NUS Business School.

The course was an eye-opener as she went on to “learn about so many concepts that had been alien to [her] before”, from marketing to search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

“I'm starting to see that digital marketing is pretty similar to what I want to do in my life. As an English Literature major and a passionate writer, I'm a storyteller at heart and digital marketing is just that – it's all about telling the right stories with the right words to the right audience.”

Paean was immediately able to bring her newly acquired skills back to her company and kick-start the conversation to start using Google Ads for their website.

Recently, she received an offer under the Skills Ignition SG programme by Google, where she will be involved in digital marketing for a host company. Paean credited the courses for this opportunity, as she “wouldn’t have gotten into the programme if [she] did not join the Professional Certificate.”

“The NUS Professional Certificate was the first step into this huge realm of digital marketing.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to businesses and individuals across the world. For our fresh graduates, embracing continuous education can be an effective way to deal with the changes and embark on a new career path.

“COVID-19 has taught us that we won't remain safe in stagnancy: we're going to advance, we're going to define the future and that'll be an unimaginably beautiful sight to see.”

Paean remains positive for the future of her generation as they transition into the workforce:

“I'm hopeful that my peers will be able to use this time as an opportunity to embolden themselves and venture out into unfamiliar fields.”

05 July 2021