Micro-credentials @ NUS

The Busy Professional's Guide to Career Growth (Minus the Burnout)

In a world where change is the only constant, professionals looking for an edge will find theirs through skills building – and securing the relevant certificates and qualifications to demonstrate their expertise in the field.

But committing to a full-time programme can be intimidating, especially if you are unsure about whether the path ahead is the right one for you.

The good news is that NUS offers professionals a way to dip their toes into the water and see if a course is suitable for their career ambitions, before taking the next step. Even better, that next step doesn’t need to be a plunge into a full-time programme – instead, learners can take on another set of courses, develop their expertise, and eventually stack their learning into an Advanced Professional Certificate, Master’s degree, or other qualifications at their own pace.

Introducing Micro-credentials @ NUS

Micro-credentials refer to a suite of stackable certificate programmes that have been created to meet the needs of learners at different stages of their lives and careers. And it's perhaps the most flexible way to earn certificates and even full-degree qualifications, while still earning your keep. 

Here’s how it works:
Learners can choose to enrol in just one course, or a series of courses, depending on their learning needs. They can choose from short courses spanning one to six days, or academic courses (usually semester-long).

Professionals taking short courses, can bundle them to receive a Professional Certificate (PC) – then further stack their PCs to earn an Advanced Professional Certificate. Meanwhile, learners undertaking academic courses have the option to stack their courses to eventually earn an Executive Certificate, Specialist Certificate, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or Master’s degree.

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These pathways offer busy professionals a flexible way to learn at a manageable pace – building their professional capabilities, while balancing work, family, and everything else in life.

Stackable path: Professional Certificates (PC)

Supplementing financials skills with digital expertise


Goh Ing Nee
CFO, Axora Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Goh Ing Nee, a Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, decided to take up micro-credentials at NUS to supplement her financial skills with digital expertise.

Explaining her decision to work towards an Advanced Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation, Ing Nee says, “In this day and age, digital skills are essential for every professional, no matter what industry you’re in.” She elaborates, “As a CFO, I may not need to write code, but it’s crucial that I know what my technology vendors are saying and understand the solutions they are recommending. It’s also important that I can identify complementary solutions, spot possible hidden costs, and more. This enables me to make informed decisions, and justify technology investments to my board and clients.”

For leaders and C-suite executives like Ing Nee, it may not be possible to take time off work. So, certificate programmes that are spread over one- to two-day short courses, offer a unique opportunity for these professionals to gain new skills – while remaining fully committed to their careers.

So far, Ing Nee has completed four short courses (one and a half days each) which has earned her a Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation – Digital Tech & Operations. Looking ahead, the go-getter CFO aspires to deepen her digital expertise by enrolling in two more related professional certificates. She can then stack these three PCs into an Advanced Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation.

Stackable path: Tertiary Qualifications

Building on Professional Expertise with a Specialisation

For Dr. Jacquelyn Melody, the micro-credentials learning format has offered her the career development and expertise she’s desired, when she’s needed it most – just prior to opening her private practice.

Although she currently holds a Master of Medicine in Family Medicine, Dr. Jacquelyn aspires to strengthen her expertise in paediatrics, which holds a special place in her heart. She says, “I have a special interest in paediatrics and wanted to expand my expertise in this specialty, so I can offer better care to patients and parents in my clinic. Micro-credentials @ NUS allows me to achieve this at a comfortable pace, while working full-time.

She adds, “It’s also great that we can choose to enrol for graduate certificates in separate semesters, instead of having to set aside time to complete a Graduate Diploma in one stretch – which can be challenging, both professionally and personally. In fact, one of my batchmates even took a semester off to deliver her baby, before joining the next programme in a later semester!”

Dr. Jacquelyn has completed the Graduate Certificate in Child Health, and is currently enrolled in courses under the university's Graduate Certificate in Child Development and Adolescent Health programme. After she completes the courses and obtains both graduate certificates, Dr. Jacquelyn will be able to stack them to earn a Graduate Diploma in Child & Adolescent Health.


Dr. Jacquelyn Melody
Family Physician, Oaklife Family Clinic

Micro-credentials Empower Lifelong Learning


While learners who take up micro-credentials come from all walks of life, they share one thing in common – a drive for continuous development. Gopi Bava is another professional who appreciates the ‘stackable’ nature of Micro-credentials @ NUS, as well as its flexibility.

The Associate General Manager (Automation & Monitoring) at M1 Limited says, “Focusing on one course at a time, allows working professionals to delve more deeply into the subject matter, as we have more time to focus on the material and engage with it. This continuous learning structure helps us to stay relevant in our fields, improve our skills, and advance our careers.”

Build your skills and improve your career - one course at a time

Interested in learning more about Micro-credentials @ NUS?
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11 May 2023